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5 Qualities of a Great Remote Family Law Mediation Attorney in New York

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In many divorce cases, the two spouses are not the only people who will be impacted. Many separating couples must consider what that severance will mean for their children. During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, consider New York family law attorney Brian Perskin, who is equipped to mediate such conversations in a remote setting. Below are 5 qualities required of a great remote family law attorney in New York.  

1. Understanding 

Professionalism by your remote family law attorney in New York is of the utmost importance in a courtroom. However, before you sit at a mediation table (whether it’s in a remote setting or not), it is important that you and your representation have built a repertoire, one that allows you to be honest about the trials of your marriage and what you’re seeking in the settlement. This requires an attorney who is understanding and empathetic.

2. Forward-thinking 

On the tail end of your marriage, it is possible you’ll be mired in the details of what went wrong. An effective family law attorney will honor those concerns, but also must approach your case with a more neutral mindset. This is necessary if your remote family law attorney in New York is to navigate you through the ups and downs of family law. While it is understandable for you to ruminate on what went wrong, your representation should be planning ahead to understand what can be rectified.

3. Communicative 

Once you begin this legal journey, the jargon may feel overwhelming. Putting legalese into layman’s terms requires your attorney to have strong communication skills. Further, while you are able to say what you will or won’t stand for in remote mediation, your attorney is the one adept at strategizing how to legally execute those requests. It’s imperative that he or she relay those plans to you so you feel informed and wholly represented. 

4. Adaptable 

The ongoing pandemic has been mindful of no one’s circumstances in New York, necessitating remote conversations even for matters of the utmost importance — like family law. A remote family law attorney in New York properly prepared to represent clients must be able to adapt to the virtual setting. Further, while conversations with your former spouse take place, you’ll be best served by a representation that is adept at handling curveballs neither of you expected.

5. Preparation and patience

These two aspects of a family law attorney in New York go hand in hand. For any chance of accomplishment at the end of the mediation process, your lawyer must diligently prepare evidence and documents supporting the arguments of your case. This requires poring over details, deeds, and titles you may not have revisited in years. Evidence-gathering requires patience, as does the legal system, which is known to churn slowly in New York. Some matters may take months or even years to settle, but a respectable attorney will show up consistently, even during the long haul. 

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Though family law mediation may feel overly overwhelming, a well-suited lawyer will ease the burden. It’s an investment not just in your severance from the past, but in the future to come. Such important and necessary changes can still take place remotely. New York family law attorney Brian Perskin is ready to help your family. Call our office at 866-627-8027 for a free consultation.

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