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Brian and his team are outstanding! Brian is a smart aggressive strategist and truly cares for his clients he immediately recognized my husbands personality issues and knew how to use this to our advantage he is clearly familiar with personality disorders and he used terms that only make sense for insiders who have dealt with manipulative aggressive people with power and control issues. I was also able to get primary parenting for my kids and a favorable property settlement. In court Brian was very concise and very powerful with his words leaving no stone unturned. Brian represented me in a very complicated divorce case in which business property and children were involved he is a smart and compassionate attorney who knows his stuff he was always available on the phone/email and responded to my inquires promptly. It was reassuring to know that this firm took my predicament seriously and took every effort to resolve what had been a long ordeal. With Brian’s representation I was able to separate myself from years of legal harassment. My husband at the time had a opposing counsels employ unethical tactics to try and make me give up including dragging the case on and on. I never felt uninformed or unaware of the next steps or potential hang ups. I had found the perfect balance between a knowledgeable professional and a real person who understood how devastating and life changing it can be. Brian is definitely someone you want on your side I am very happy with my settlement and have exceeded my expectations I highly recommend using this firm for your divorce case.

Dec 9, 2016                                                                                               Carmela Lijoi


I recently visited with Mr. Perskin for a consultation regarding a complex custody and child support matter. I was not only impressed by Mr. Perskin’s knowledge, but appreciated his patience and advice in this complex and emotional matter. He asked all the right questions and patiently explained several times his thoughts on my matter, and even helped figure out what I wanted for myself. I definitely plan on retaining Mr. Perskin for this matter.

Dec 29, 2015                                                                                             Undisclosed


I was so nervous, anxious, and stressed about what would happen to me and my kids. But Mr. Perskin quickly got to the heart of the matter, helped me understand my options, and reassured me regarding the future. Mr. Perskin made himself available to me at all times and was instrumental in me getting from point A to point B every step of the way. I’m very thankful.

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed


From the moment I contacted Mr. Perskin’s office, I knew I had found the right attorney. I was very stressed/overwhelmed by the whole divorce process. The process with Mr. Perskin went smoothly, I was always updated and everything turned out exactly as he explained. So on my “anniversary” I received the best gift ever; an e-mail from Mr. Perskins attaching the final divorce judgment! Thank you very much Mr. Perskin for your professionalism, hard work and for making my divorce process quick, easy and much less stressful. I will recommend him to friends and family who feel “left in the dark” and with few options, just like I did.

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed


Mr. Perskin is not only well-knowledged, straight-forward and professional, but he’s also very pleasant to speak and interact with. That may not be someone’s top priority when searching for a family law attorney, but when having to discuss sensitive issues in detail, it makes a big difference. He certainly made the process as quick and painless as possible. In our first meeting, he clearly described what my options were and gave his suggestions and a time-frame. In the end, everything worked out to exactly how he said it would. Also, he’s very responsive to status requests, so I never felt in the dark. Whatever your circumstance, if you need a family lawyer, look no further. Mr. Perskin is a get-it-done guy.

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed


I had been afraid to start applying for a divorce because I thought it’d be incredibly stressful and expensive. Seven years after I left my ex-husband I finally got the courage to go to a lawyer. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the cost was actually pretty affordable, and that it was a relatively quick and easy procedure. Mr. Perskin explained what had to be done, and gave me what I needed to fulfill the requirements to apply for my divorce. I didn’t have to wait as long as expected for the divorce to go through either; I was expecting to get the divorce document at the end of August, and here it is only the end of July! I would definitely recommend Brian Perskin to any of my friends here in the city.

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed


Thank you for doing what’s best for me and my children, for your knowledge of how to work the law and divorce process, for your understanding of when and how to settle and find common ground, for your thoughtful powerful yet not forceful strategy, and for your constructive suggestions for breaking deadlock. Thank you for your insight into the role of personal dynamics and personality in order to manage expectations and steer toward compassion and understanding, your resolve and patience to persevere to conclusion, and your straight-forward way of speaking. I appreciate your kind but firm way of giving realistic, reasonable advice, not only about immediate divorce proceedings but about related longer term challenges as well.

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed


I just want to say THANK YOU BRIAN!! You are my Alen Shore!!!! I had really bad situation before I found Brian. Actually he was the first divorce lawyer I met. After I met him, I went to an another Chinese ( you know you need to talk to several lawyers to decide who is good for you.). Then that Chinese lawyer told me I have good situation, blah blah, sounds like the Chinese lawyer had good plan for my case compared with what Brian told me. My nightmare just got started. I spent almost $20,000 within 2 months on the Chinese lawyer!!! And got nothing from ex! $20,000 just for the filling fee???? I don’t have kids by the way. So $20,000 is ridiculous!!! I fired the Chinese, and went back to Brian. He said he will take care of me that made me feel so warm. He didn’t charge every phone call and email. The Chinese lawyer, even he asked me how was my case going then he charged me $40!!!!! Brian always fright for me and give good opinion. Brian did not tell me that I would get $500,000 from ex which my exchinese lawyer said so. He just tell me the truth and what is good for me. Brian worked so hard to help me to got Pendente Lite Motion from judge which is really a big deal. Anyways, thanks Brian! DO not waste your money on the stupid lawyer! Brian is the best!

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed


His eBook I understand is going to give back to the community for those who cannot afford divorce. It will inspire high net worth New York Divorce clients to spend a moment, speak to Brian, and allow him the opportunity to listen, maybe educate or litigate New York Family Law Issues for you. I help the injured as a New York Injury Lawyer. I understand how important it is to offer the best legal advice you can, while also making sure that no issues go unaddressed. Giving back to your community and helping high net Worth Individuals with serious family law issues is what I would expect. You will not be disappointed. Keep your eye out for his New York Family Law eBook. We are!

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed


Brian Perskin has been enormously helpful to me in my divorce case. He is available at any time to answer any questions or concerns I may have. In addition to being supportive and understanding, Mr. Perskin continues to demonstrate a broad knowledge and keen perception of New York State Law. He is definitely the most excellent lawyer anybody would want to have on his or her side in a court of law. The outcome of my case has yet to be determined; nevertheless, I am quite confident that Mr. Perskin will achieve my objectives in a professional and dedicated manner. Thank you Mr. Perskin!

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed


I have had the pleasure of working with a great New York divorce lawyer, Brian Perskin. I am a marketing guy no doubt, but that has nothing to do with my feelings about Brian. Although my personal issues are controlled by California Community property Laws, I will say that in conversations with this Brooklyn Family Lawyer, his depth of knowledge, his compassion for his clients, are real and his talent is worth it. divorce in NY, NY can be messy. it’s messy everywhere. A great NYC lawyer that gets it is priceless. Thanks Brian.

May 2, 2014                                                                                              Undisclosed

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