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Prenuptial Agreements

Liberty Ross Files for Divorce from Rupert Sanders 6 Months After His Affair

While celebrity divorces are rarely surprising anyway, some are especially easy to see coming. The divorce of Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross is one of them.

Prenups: To Sign or not to Sign?

It seems that in every romance-based sitcom and TV drama, there comes a time when the leading, newly-engaged couple reaches an inevitable fight: one partner asks the other to sign a prenuptial agreement and the other is outraged.

Bethenny Frankel Turns Rumors Into Reality By Filing for Divorce

Bethenny Frankel has filed for divorce from her husband Jason Hoppy.

9 Most Famous Divorce Case Payouts with No Prenup

Celebrity marriages are notorious for breaking down quickly and would explain why many celebrity lawyers draw up iron clad prenuptial agreements before the happy couples take their vows.

New York Prenuptial Myths vs. the Facts

Prenuptial agreements have always been looked upon with fear and controversy, with the assumption that there is a lack of trust in the relationship or that they will favor one party over the other.

new york prenuptial agreement

Five Reasons You Should Get a New York Prenuptial Agreement

A New York prenuptial agreement is a settlement that is reached between couples who have decided to get married.

new york prenuptial agreements

New York Prenuptial Agreements: Should I Get One?

A question that I am sometimes asked is: Can I enter into a prenuptial agreement after I get married?

Duress is Difficult to Prove

Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common in New York.

What Happens if Somebody Files for Divorce?

Pre nupts are valid, and it is difficult to get them thrown out in Courts in New York, read the following case from the third department…..

Be Careful Before You Sign…

All too often, women come into my office and tell me their wonderful future husband is requesting a pre nuptial agreement be signed before the marriage.