Why You Should Choose a High Net Worth Attorney in New York Brian D. Perskin & Associates
Why You Should Choose a High Net Worth Attorney in New York

high net worth attorney in new york

Child custody and support, the typical topics brought up in divorce settlements in New York, can make anyone groan. For high net worth couples, the division of assets can be equally dreaded, if not more. A standard divorce attorney is not sufficient for such conversations. If you’re headed into a high net worth divorce, choose Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., who has experience handling financial and settlement puzzles. 

High Net Worth Attorney in New York: Building Your Case

Divorce in New York is a process. Both spouses will need to prepare certain aspects of their arguments before a settlement can be reached. One of the first steps toward the finish line is the discovery of both parties’ assets. As a high net worth client, this may seem overwhelming, but a well-versed attorney will know what to look for. 

Items that should be submitted to discovery include real estate, jointly signed business ventures, stock, and property. Due diligence at this phase is absolutely necessary; if anything is gleaned over and brought to the court’s attention later, it could be seen as deceitful and hinder that party.

A skilled high net worth attorney in New York will know that a high net worth divorce settlement cannot proceed without an understanding of the lifestyle of the marriage prior to its end. Such considerations are very important, especially when they’re applied to the question of if spousal support is necessary for either party. The standard of living during the marriage can respectively increase or decrease the mandated payments. 

High net worth divorces may benefit from an accountant or another financial expert who can value all of your assets so you have a trusted understanding of what you are fighting over. An attorney experienced in high net worth settlements in New York will have connections to trustworthy fiduciary professionals you can rely on.

In It For the Long Haul 

A long list of assets can tie up matters in court with a hearing after hearing. After a few tedious days in court, settling quickly will be tempting and feel like a relief, but it is recommended you keep your head down and stick to the case. Divorce is not a rehashing of the past, but a determination of what your future will look like. In high net worth separations, the stakes are raised since it often concerns long-term financial wellbeing. 

An experienced high net worth attorney will urge his or her client to remain committed to the case. Well-suited lawyers will also have the endurance to carry out these hearings instead of hurrying a settlement that doesn’t suit their clients. 

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Choosing a high net worth attorney in New York is vital to filing for a high net worth divorce. Think of your lawyer as a guardrail between yourself and financial ruin. However, not many New York professionals with a J.D. are equipped to navigate such a settlement. It requires a lawyer who has experience arguing these specific matters like Brian D. Perskin does. You can rely on his team of lawyers’ knowledge and reputations to secure a resolution in a high net worth divorce. Call our office at 866-627-8027 for a free consultation.

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