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5 Family Law Situations a New York Family Law Attorney Can Help With

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COVID-19 has brought many people’s hopes, goals, and aspirations for the year to a halt. It has also convinced many individuals that the time is right for a divorce. Family law is precarious, as there are potential pitfalls you can encounter. This is especially true if you attempt to navigate these treacherous waters without the guidance of a New York family law attorney.

New York Family Law Attorney: Your Best Asset

When it seems like your back is up against the wall and there’s no way out, it’s important to understand that a New York family law attorney can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. is a New-York based law firm that specializes in family law. These elite attorneys work on a variety of complex family law matters, and their clients view them as trusted advisors upon whom they can rely.


Contrary to what some people may think, divorce isn’t the most common way to resolve a dispute. It’s mediation. Sometimes the parties involved will work with a trained mediator with everyone in the same room. Another form of mediation is when the parties and their respective attorneys are in separate rooms, with the mediator being the middle-man to facilitate settlement offers. Creating this separation between the parties is an efficient way to encourage clear communication and keep emotions in check.


The need for arbitration arises when some parties decide that, despite wanting to do so, they are unable to reach an agreement with their spouse. In a situation such as this, entering into arbitration means hiring an attorney to act as a private judge. In this role, the family law attorney will resolve any remaining disputes between the parties. Once the materials that each side presents have been reviewed by the arbitrator, a binding decision will be issued and both parties must adhere to it.

Mediation and Arbitration

In some situations, the parties involved prefer a mix of mediation and arbitration. This typically happens when a mediation session is taking place and the parties involved realize it’s not going anywhere. However, sometimes this decision can take place prior to a mediation session. When shifting from mediation to arbitration, the mediator is sometimes asked to become an arbitrator because of their familiarity with the case.


Another area in which an attorney can prove invaluable is negotiating a settlement. If mediation or arbitration is not desirable, the parties involved may ask an attorney to negotiate a settlement between them. Taking this route can help cut down on the time and expense of a trial, not to mention the emotional burden associated with litigation.

Order of Protection

An order of protection is a court order which is issued to help prevent abuse, harassment, violence, or stalking from continuing to occur. An attorney can help you secure one of these orders so you can protect yourself.

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These are just five ways family law attorneys can help you, but there are many more. Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. is a New-York based law firm you can trust to help you through these difficult times. Contact us online or give us a call at (718) 752-7426 for your free consultation with a New York family law attorney and learn why we’re New York’s premier divorce law firm.

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