Hiring a Child Custody Attorney

A highly skilled New York child custody attorney can help protect the best interests of your child and deliver the desired outcome from your case.

Why Get a Child Custody Attorney in New York City?

Facing a custody case in New York City isn’t easy and can be a very stressful time in a parent’s life. Having a Brooklyn or Manhattan attorney that is experienced in handling child custody cases in New York can help relieve some of the stress, as well as help you get a more favorable outcome from your case. A good attorney can help you determine which type of custody agreement would best suit your family and advocate for you throughout the process.

Your attorney can also help walk you through child support which can be a complex legal process with a lot of paperwork involved. If you are the custodial parent it’s important to ensure your child is provided for the same way they would be if you were still married or living with your co-parent. If you are the non-custodial parent it’s important to make sure you are paying the appropriate amount of child support and not being taken advantage of simply because you are not familiar with all of the custody laws in New York.

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The point of hiring a custody attorney is to make sure you are able to maximize parenting time in light of your divorce. Unless you can agree on all terms of your custody agreement, you will each need your own New York custody lawyer to get the results you desire. Even if you can come to an agreement it is still recommended to have it signed off by the courts in case your relationship with your co-parent were to change.

Similarly, representing yourself is not ideal. You do not know all the laws surrounding child custody in New York, so you lack the unique insights and angles that a highly qualified custody lawyer has. You will end up losing much more than you will gain and could risk the amount of time you spend with your children, overpaying child support, or not receiving enough child support.

A custody lawyer brings an in-depth understanding of family law in New York to the table. They are well-versed in the nuances of custody statutes, precedents, and local regulations, which means they can navigate the legal landscape with finesse. Moreover, they can help you make sense of complex legal jargon and ensure that you’re fully informed about your rights and responsibilities as a parent.

Your attorney should act as your advocate throughout the process. They should be dedicated to safeguarding your child’s best interests, and skillfully negotiating on your behalf during mediation or representing you in court if necessary. Their experience in handling various custody scenarios will allow them to tailor their approach to your unique situation, increasing the likelihood of a favorable outcome. In emotionally charged custody disputes, having a lawyer by your side can also provide invaluable emotional support, helping you stay focused on what matters most: the well-being of your child.

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Good New York Family Law Attorneys vs. Great New York Family Law Attorneys

Good New York family law attorneys are knowledgeable and proficient in their field, possessing a solid grasp of the law and legal procedures. Great attorneys have the same competencies and take it a step further by going above and beyond mere competence. They not only possess extensive legal knowledge, but also have a deep understanding of the unique nuances of their clients’ cases. Great New York family law attorneys invest time in thoroughly researching and analyzing the intricacies of each situation, ensuring that they can provide tailored and innovative solutions.

Another way you can separate good attorneys from great attorneys is in communication skills. Good attorneys excel in their legal skills, great attorneys also excel in their legal skills and are exceptional communicators. They not only listen attentively to their clients but also empathize with their needs and concerns. Great attorneys build strong client-attorney relationships based on trust and open communication, making clients feel heard and supported throughout the legal process. With a deep understanding of family law intricacies in New York, the family law attorneys at Brian D. Perskin & Associates combine their extensive legal knowledge in New York with a unique ability to connect with clients on a personal level. Our attorneys go the extra mile to ensure that every case is approached with diligence, empathy, and innovative problem-solving, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the best possible outcomes.

3 Signs You Need To Fire Your Current Custody Lawyer

Making the Best Decision for Your Case

Deciding to fire your current custody lawyer is a significant step, but can be neccessary to get the best outcome from your case. There are certain signs that may indicate it’s the right decision for your case. Here are three signs to consider:

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  • Lack of Communication: Effective communication between you and your attorney is crucial in a custody case. If your lawyer frequently fails to respond to your calls or emails promptly, doesn’t keep you informed about case updates, or seems disinterested in your concerns, it may be time for a change. Open and transparent communication is vital for building a strong attorney-client relationship and ensuring you are well-informed throughout the process.
  • Inadequate Legal Representation: If you find that your lawyer lacks the necessary expertise or experience in family law in New York, especially in custody matters, it can hinder your case’s success. Your attorney should have a solid understanding of custody laws in your jurisdiction and be able to strategize effectively on your behalf. If you believe your lawyer’s skills and knowledge are insufficient for your case, it might be wise to seek new representation.
  • Conflicting Interests or Ethics: Trust is paramount in an attorney-client relationship. If you suspect that your lawyer has conflicts of interest or is not acting in your best interests, it’s a red flag. Additionally, if you observe any unethical behavior, such as dishonesty or a breach of attorney-client confidentiality, it’s a clear sign that you should consider firing your current lawyer.

Hiring an Experienced New York City Family Lawyer

If you are facing a divorce and children are involved you need an experienced divorce and family lawyer advocating for you so you can achieve the best outcome from your case. Losing time with your children isn’t a risk worth taking.

Make sure you always have a legal expert on your side so you can get the best result possible when it comes to your custody case. When divorcing couples have children, they will need to come to a child custody agreement that is in the best interests of the child. It’s not uncommon to wonder how often you will see children, or how much child support you will get if you are awarded custody, or how much child support you will need to pay if you are not awarded custody. Fortunately, Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. can help walk you through your custody case and ensure you don’t lose out on any time with your children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Child custody cases are determined based on what the courts deem is in the best interests of the child. The courts look at a variety of important factors between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse in order to come to a conclusion. It’s imperative you hire an experienced child custody attorney to help argue your case for as much custody as you’re able to rightfully acquire. Learn More

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Many factors come into play when deciding on legal custody (who makes the important decisions on upbringing) and physical custody (who has the child in their home). This gets more complicated when joint or sole custody is a consideration in the divorce process, because the outcome of custody is all based on best interests of the child. If there is any significant reason why you believe your partner is unfit to care for the children, you will need to build a strong case. Learn more

In New York, it is more common for the financially independent spouse to be required by the court to pick up the attorney fees. New York’s Domestic Relations Law states this is so there’s no unfair advantage and both parties get equal representation. If this happens to be you, consult with our attorneys to learn how you can keep more money in your pocket with an uncontested divorce. Learn more

A lawyer is not required to file for child support, but hiring one is highly recommended. This will help you save more while gaining extra in the long run to help you support your children. Learn More

Brian D. Perskin & Associates are willing to work with you on establishing a payment plan that works best for you. Contact our firm to see what payment options are available. Learn More

Hiring a Child Custody Attorney You Can Count On

At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. we know how difficult facing a custody case can be. Let us guide you through your case and help you reach an agreement you can be confident in.

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