Divorce in New York

If facing a divorce in New York City it is important to know how to prepare, plan, and hire a Brooklyn or Manhattan attorney who practices exclusively in divorce and family law.

Divorce Overview: What You Need to Know About Divorce in New York

How to Prepare for a Divorce

If you're considering getting a divorce, you should think carefully since the results can permanently affect your family. Learn about what to expect before you file for divorce in New York.

Your Divorce Options

From uncontested to contested divorces and everything in between, no two cases are the same meaning it is important to find the best option for your unique situation.

Hiring a New York Divorce Attorney

Whether you have been planning your divorce for a while, or have just been served papers unexpectedly, you need a divorce lawyer to protect your rights.

What Is the Process for a Divorce in New York?

Where to Start

Before you decide whether to proceed with the divorce, you first need to learn the main steps you will have to take. You will not be divorced in one day, or even months, after you file. Instead, the process takes some time, so you should put a lot of thought into it before making any official decisions. You should meet with a Brooklyn, Manhattan or New York City family attorney from our firm even before you are positive that you want to go through with the divorce. We can educate you on the matter and answer any questions you have.

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What Divorce Option Is Right for You?

Dissolving a marriage can be one of the most difficult decisions a person makes. When a couple cannot agree on provisions within the divorce, another layer of anxiety is added to an already difficult process. When discovering the divorce overview at large, you must identify whether the disagreement is about child custody, property division, alimony, or the divorce in general, the divorce becomes contested. Contested divorces take longer, and they require more negotiation to reach an agreement.

Uncontested Divorce New York Manhattan

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is a simple matrimonial action that occurs when both parties agree to get a divorce. To truly be an uncontested case, both parties must agree to the complete terms of the divorce, including child custody and support, spousal support, and division of assets.

Divorce Mediation New York Brooklyn Manhattan

Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a viable option for couples who are amicable but otherwise unable to come to agreements on their own. A divorce mediator will keep the lines of communication open, help brainstorm ideas, and assist couples in their decision-making process to end their marriage.

Contested Divorce New York Brooklyn Manhattan

Contested Divorce

When facing a contentious relationship with your soon-to-be ex and disagree on matters such as child custody arrangements and property division, hiring a highly skilled divorce attorney is a must to protect yourself, your family, and your future.


Working through a Contested Divorce in New York City is one of our greatest specialities. Our many years of experience in divorce and family law give us the unique edge you need to succeed in your divorce case. Let the team at Brian Perskin & Associates P.C. help you navigate these challenging times.

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A Successful Divorce in New York Starts with Representation You Can Count On

At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. in Brooklyn and Manhattan, we know how to create an effective strategy for getting what you need during divorce, so when money, property, or children are involved, let us help.

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