Spousal Support in New York

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Understanding Spousal Support IN NEW YORK CITY

During the divorce process, one spouse may ask the judge to award financial payments to help support themself during and/or after the divorce. The parties may agree on the amount to be paid, or the couple may have a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that sets out alimony payments. If there is no agreement between the parties, the judge will look at many different factors and decide if there should be an award and the amount of the payment. In New York, these payments may be called “alimony,” “maintenance,” or “spousal support.”

In making a decision about alimony, the court will look at the following factors:

When the judge looks at these factors, there is no fixed formula used to make the decision. Both parties will present evidence to the judge in support of their case, and the judge will make the decision based on an assessment of the entire set of circumstances.

Does Having an Affair Impact Spousal Support?

Marital fault, including adultery, is not commonly considered by the court when awarding alimony and in dividing marital property. In particular, adultery will not automatically result in an award of alimony.

adultery and spousal support in New York

Courts in New York will look for “egregious” behavior or acts by a spouse in considering an award, and courts have found that adultery by itself is not “egregious” enough. However, when one spouse commits adultery and uses a large chunk of marital assets on a lover (for example, on gifts, vacations, or hotel rooms), the judge may find this to be a “wasteful dissipation” of the marital assets. The adulterous activity would then become one factor the judge considers in making the alimony award.

Frequently Asked Questions

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