Child Support in New York

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How Child Support Works in New York CITY

After going through a divorce, one parent is likely to end up with primary custody of a child or children. In normal circumstances, the non-custodial parent will be responsible for paying child support to help pay for the needs and education of the child, and the custodial parent is usually not required to account for the child support he or she receives.

Things such as voluntary gifts, clothes or transportation are not considered as child support. If you need assistance in any legal matter involving child support, knowledgeable legal help is available to you from one of our New York divorce attorneys at any time.

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Calculating Child Support

How exactly is child support calculated in New York? Any basic obligation is calculated by multiplying combined gross parental income by the child support percentages listed below:

In some additional cases, a judge may order the non-custodial parent to pay a share of the child or children’s health care expenses, child care expenses, or education expenses, above and beyond basic child support. When a non-custodial parent does not meet their legal child support obligations, wage garnishments, property liens, income execution may be instituted through a court order or judgment. When a child reaches the age of 21 or is legally emancipated at an earlier age, child support will stop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically the non-custodial parent pays child support. Learn More

In New York child support is determined by a fixed percentage of parental income. Learn More

Parents have to pay child support until their child is 21 years of age. Learn More

Hiring a Family Law Attorney You Can Count On

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