A Well-Connected Lawyer and Your Divorce Strategy

During your divorce you are up against both your spouse and your spouse’s lawyer. When many people are going through divorce, they realize they didn’t really know the person they were married to. Others know their ex all too well and may think they can anticipate what they will do. However, the reality is in many cases the spouse is making decisions and planning tactics based on the advice of their lawyer.

Since much of your spouse’s strategy will come from their lawyer, it is very helpful to have someone on your side who either has information about your spouse’s lawyer or at least enough experience to know what type of lawyer you are dealing with.

Preparing for the Counter-Strategy Your Spouse is Brewing

Your spouse’s lawyer many be an unknown entity to you. You don’t know what they are thinking or what tactics they will try. This is one reason why it is very common for clients to hate their spouse’s lawyer. Not knowing what to expect is emotionally draining and also makes it difficult to prepare a winning divorce strategy. It can be incredibly stressful to face negotiations without knowing who you are up against. A well-connected lawyer can help you.

New York is a big city; however, professionals in the New York divorce community are finite. An experienced family law attorney who has practiced in the New York legal system for many years is likely to know their opponents either directly from past dealings or indirectly through knowledge of their firm or knowing someone who can provide useful information about that person.

Knowing the players in the system provides a huge advantage in terms of anticipating tactics. An important component of your divorce strategy is responding to the other side. There are many tactics that they can use. Some try to stall. Others try to push a bad deal through quickly. To protect your interests you need someone who can stay one step ahead of the game. A well-connected lawyer knows other lawyers, law clerks, and judges in the New York family law system.

A well-connected lawyer can help you in several ways.

Hiring a Top-Rated New York Divorce Law Firm

First, someone who knows the other lawyer can help prepare you emotionally if it could be a long trial or if the lawyer is likely to try dirty tricks. Second, knowing a bit about how the opponent is likely to approach the case can help you prepare counter tactics. For example, if the opposing lawyer likes using the argument that the parent hasn’t spent much time with the child in a custody dispute, your lawyer advise you to collect evidence to counter this argument.

Hiring a well-connected lawyer who has a reputation of winning cases means that it is more likely the opponent will know what they are up against and might be more easily persuaded to settle.

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