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BRIAN D. PERSKIN & ASSOCIATES P.C. – Divorce via Facebook: NY judge opens door for legal papers to be served through social media
April 08, 2015
“It is better then nail and mail, especially if you know the other party is active on Facebook,” attorney Brian Perskin told the Eagle. “It is not unusual that one spouse would hide, and service by social media could help people who do not have access to private investigators, in order to determine or locate the defendant’s address.” – Divorce by Facebook? It’s just the beginning
April 07, 2015
Justice Mathew Cooper’s recent decision to allow service of a New York divorce summons by Facebook is a significant step toward utilizing technology to bring the legal system into the 21st century. Previously, New York law required a summons for divorce to be served on a person directly, which, in some cases, may prove nearly impossible if a person is purposely evading service or that individual’s whereabouts are not easily ascertainable. – Divorce Lawyer is married to his job
March 11, 2015
One Lesson that Attorney Brian Perskin has learned? You can’t negotiate with crazy. Attorney Brian Perskin has practiced family law for 25 years, refereeing many battles involving cheating spouses and visitation rights. Divorces can be expensive and exhausting.

Reuters – Expense apps help divorced parents avoid anger
February 3, 2015
While a fixed amount is typically ordered for child support, many parents do not take into account shared costs for additional unexpected expenses. However, there is a new app that can help parents track payments and keep each other accountable. Attorney Brian Perskin explains how avoiding conflict can help parents potentially save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

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