Avoiding a Contested Divorce by Hiring a New York City Divorce Attorney

How a Divorce Attorney in New York City Can Help You Avoid a Contested Divorce

Many divorces can be expensive, emotionally draining, and stressful for family members. Contested divorces are infamous for being especially so. A contested divorce is when the parties cannot agree to the terms of the divorce such as the allocation of property, the amount of maintenance, or who gets custody of children.

If the parties cannot resolve their issues outside of court, they must often delay finalizing their divorce and resort to expensive litigation to resolve the issues. In many cases, hiring a good divorce attorney can avoid a contested divorce allowing both parties to save money and reduce their stress.

Is an Uncontested Divorce Faster?

An uncontested divorce is often the fastest way to get your divorce finalized.

A lawyer who has taken the time to understand the facts of your case can advise you on if it is appropriate to challenge what the other side is offering. A law firm with plenty of experience in New York divorces, such as the Law Offices of Brian D. Perskin, can quickly assess a case and provide clients with an honest assessment of if the court is likely to rule in their favor.

While no client likes to hear if they have overestimated the strength of their case, it is better to receive this information early in the process rather than spend loads of money on legal fees and endure the emotional drain of a trial only to lose in court.

Get Solid Legal Advice in New York

Getting good legal advice is a key strategy to avoiding a contested divorce. (Of course, if the facts of your case and the terms offered by your spouse suggest you should go to court, you want a lawyer who will tell you that as well and who will have the confidence and experience to represent you in court.)

Simply hiring a good lawyer often encourages the other side to settle. If the other side knows you have an exceptional litigator on your side, it makes more sense for them to want to avoid going court and settle as soon as possible.

A well-trained lawyer can also prepare sound legal arguments to support your case which can often convince your spouse of the strength of your case or the weaknesses in their case. Seeing your legal arguments professionally written can encourage the other side to settle.

A lawyer familiar with New York divorce law can also be a great asset to you in selecting the relevant issues for discussion. For example, a client might not consider the fact they take their child to after school activities to be relevant in a custody dispute; however this is exactly the type of information that a lawyer would ensure goes in the file. Without the assistance of a legal professional, you may overlook important issues.

What a Good Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer Does

A good divorce lawyer will review the types of information that will be helpful for your case, help you collect evidence, and present the issues in the most favorable light for you. If your lawyer finds issues that you or your spouse had not previously considered, this could help bolster your case and lead to an uncontested divorce.

An experienced divorce attorney can recommend alternatives to litigation available in New York City such as mediation. The Law Offices of Brian D. Perskin can refer clients to a network of reliable professionals that can often avoid a contested divorce.

Each case is different, so a lawyer familiar with your case can make the best referral for you. A good divorce attorney will review the terms of any agreement reached as a result of these negotiations to ensure that the client’s interests are protected.

Contact the Law Offices of Brian D. Perskin and get started with your divorce proceedings and learn more about avoiding a contested divorce by New York Divorce Attorney or calling 646-760-1719.

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