Bad Economy Blamed for Lower Divorce Rates

As the economy dipped, so did divorce rates. This wasn’t because couples were suddenly happy together or had less marital problems; rather, they just couldn’t afford it. With the threat of unemployment constantly looming, as well as the crashing housing market, couples found themselves stuck and unable to foot the bill for a divorce.

Economy Affect on Divorce Rate

According to an article posted on, divorce rates are on the rise again, thanks to improving employment and real estate markets. Individuals are now obtaining higher paying jobs and feeling secure in them, which affords them the opportunity to retain an experienced and qualified divorce attorney to represent them throughout the divorce process. A great example of this can be seen in Reno, Nevada, where the recent recession hit hard. Both the labor and housing markets suffered, and unhappy couples just simply didn’t have the funds available for a divorce. The idea of having to pay an attorney, and potentially dole out spousal and child support was unfathomable.

Bettering Economy Means higher Divorce Rates

Gary Silverman, a divorce lawyer based in Reno, said that he has seen an increased 25 to 50% of people filing for divorce. Legal search website Avvo has reported an 80% increase in divorce-related inquires made by users over the last year. According to statistics, divorce searches accounted for close to 10% of user traffic on the website, whereas that number was only at 1% in 2012.

The idea is simple. As people begin to earn more money in secure jobs, they realize that they are capable of supporting themselves on their own. They no longer need to live with the spouse they don’t love anymore out of necessity.

Brooklyn Divorce Law Firm

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