Be Careful Before You Sign…

All too often, women come into my office and tell me their wonderful future husband is requesting a pre nuptial agreement be signed before the marriage. Many pre nuptial agreements are fair and straight forward. However, some try to completely have the future couple from have completely separate financial lives. It is my opinion that a couple preparing a pre nuptial agreement in New York should not focus so much on the short run. A woman should be worried about what will happen if the marriage falls apart after fifteen or twenty years.

In the short run, if you marry a rich guy and it does not work out, you may not be entitled to much money. A pre nup would not hurt you. However, if you are married for a long time, did not save any money and a divorce occurred after fifteen years your life could be devastated. You just have to sit in the matrimonial parts in New York and see woman in tears. Never waiver pension rights or income generated during the marriage unless their is a provision for you to receive a substantial maintenance payment if the marriage falls apart. It is my belief that pre nups are important in certain circumstances, but not all. You should always consult a qualified divorce lawyer in New York before you sign anything.

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