Advice for Fathers Facing Divorce in New York

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Your wife may be threatening or taunting you, saying you will never see the kids after divorce. But this is the rarely the truth, and furthermore, it’s not right to use the children as pawns during this process. Just because your partner does not understand this does not mean you have to stoop to her level. Instead, hire a New York divorce attorney who realizes that fathers have rights.


If you want sole custody of the kids, you have just as much right to fight for it as the mother. If this is your wish, we will begin gathering evidence in favor of your position today. The same goes if you want joint custody, or simply visitation. If you are not sure which custody situation is right for you, let us know so we can advise you.


If you will likely have to pay child support, you should talk to your New York divorce lawyer before anything is set in stone. We understand that you want to make sure your children are taken care of financially without feeling like your wife is taking advantage of your income. We can help ensure that the amount you end up paying is fair for everyone involved. If you have any worries about this issue, contact us today so we can put your concerns to rest.

Whether you have questions about legal or physical custody, child support, or other matters, you should feel comfortable talking to our team. We can help you make the right choices, and will provide the legal representation you need to be sure you can see your kids after the divorce. Call us at either (855) 965-1771 or 718-875-7584.

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