Advice for Mothers Facing Divorce in New York

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Mothers who are in the midst of divorce will often worry about issues such as child custody and support. Our society has shifted, and with more women pursuing careers, some men are becoming primary caregivers. Understandably, these mothers will have concerns when it comes to custody proceedings and orders, and they will seek out a New York attorney who has extensive experience handling divorce and child custody cases.

In some contested cases, fathers may threaten their former spouse by saying they will not pay child support, or that they will lie and claim that the children would be in danger if left in their mother’s care. Instances such as these can be incredibly scary situations that will only cause more unnecessary tension and strain within the family.

It is important to hire an attorney who represents both men and women in divorce and custody proceedings. As an experienced father’s rights law firm, we are in a unique position of understanding all of the nuances of your case, and we use are extensive knowledge to aggressively represent your interests.


If your husband is threatening to take your kids away from you, you need to retain an experienced New York divorce attorney. By having a lawyer whose primary focus is matrimonial and family law, you are guaranteeing that you will have the best chance of either keeping primary custody of your children, or developing a comprehensive and fair custody plan and visitation schedule.


Child support goes hand-in-hand with custody cases. The non-custodial parent must pay child support to their ex-spouse. In some instances, the non-custodial parent will refuse to do this for a variety of reasons, and you will need to file a petition with the court to enforce the Child Support Order. As a result of the enforcement, your former spouse may have their income garnished to ensure that you receive past, present and future support payments. Enlisting the help of a knowledgeable New York family law attorney will prove to be tremendously helpful in an enforcement situation.

Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. has represented hundreds of clients, both men and women, in New York divorce and family law matters. Our well rounded experience allows our attorney’s to better understand both sides of a child custody case, and thus, provide our clients with the utmost level of representation and service.

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