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In divorce, there are several factors that need to be considered: the legal, emotional, business and financial aspects. Many divorce attorneys merely focus on the legal aspects of divorce, bypassing the emotional and financial damage that divorce proceedings can cause. At Brian Perskin & Associates, we are New York’s top-rated divorce firm because we focus on all angles of our client’s divorce, not just the basics. This includes business and financial planning strategies.

For many, divorce can be an extremely stressful time. Beyond the stresses of the breakdown of a marriage, many also burden themselves with the extra worry that divorce spells certain financial doom. Much of this is down to the lack of a sound financial or business strategy for divorce.

In a divorce, it is typical for assets to be distributed either equally, as determined by the court, or as outlined in a premarital agreement. These assets may include the marital home, other properties, investments or stocks, bank accounts, business interests, and other financial matters. Without a sound business and financial strategy, your assets may be subject to the whims of the family law courts.

At Brian D. Perskin & Associates, our firm is uniquely positioned to provide you with everything you need to ensure your divorce is handled professionally, and that your best interests are always looked out for. We are experts in all facets of business and financial strategies in divorce, including:

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