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Has your child become withdrawn or expressed an unwillingness to spend time with you? Has your once solid relationship with your children started to change? Parental Alienation Syndrome could be to blame. Contact a New York City divorce attorney at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. to get legal information and perspective on this situation. You may be able to take legal action to help ensure that this does not continue to occur.

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a recognized disorder brought about by a parent’s attempts to alienate the other parent from their child or children. This is often done after a divorce or legal separation in an attempt to retain full custody or limit the visitation rights of the other parent.

Whether in the case of sole custody or joint custody, a parent will use their position of trust and the power of their relationship with their child in order to brainwash or program the child into believing that the other parent does not love them, that the divorce was their fault or otherwise convince the child that he or she does not want to see the other parent.

Some signs of PAS include:

  • Your relationship with your child is starting to deteriorate
  • Your child no longer wants to visit you, for no apparent reason
  • Your child has started to blame you for the divorce
  • Your child has begun using grown up words or phrasing to explain why they don’t want to visit or why you are to blame (in this case, they are fed these words by the other parent or are continually told reasons why you are to blame)


Parental Alienation is often committed in underhanded and secret ways. By working with a lawyer, not only can you get more information about this condition, but you can get an understanding of your options in order to make this stop. Your lawyer can help you understand the signs to look for as a preventative measure and can help you take legal action against the other parent if this is already occurring.

Coping with a divorce or legal separation, particularly child custody and visitation issues, is already emotionally trying. By working with a lawyer, you can focus on spending time with your children and helping to rebuild your family while we handle your legal matter. Contact a New York family lawyer from our firm today.

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