Is it Difficult to Get an Annulment in New York?

Recently, a distraught woman walked into my office and wanted an annulment.

In fact, in New York State, it is possible to have a marriage annulled with the help of a divorce attorney. However, there has to be a really good reason, like fraud or a material lie that induced one of the parties to enter a marriage. Generally, annulments are more difficult and a little more complicated than getting a divorce
Furthermore, I never try to sway a client either way. Moreover, if the facts present themselves and are appropriate, my office will proceed with an annulment. Unless a divorce is against your religion, it has the same practical effect as an annulment. However, many people, want an annulment for emotional reasons. In essence, the difference between a divorce and an annulment is that a divorce legally ends a marriage, while an annulment effectively declares the marriage to have never been legally valid in the first place.

NYC Annulment Specifics

New York Court fees for an annulment are $343, and there are specific grounds upon which annulments can be pursued. These include:

  • Consent by force or fraud
  • An undissolved previous marriage 
  • An underage marriage

To get an annulment in the state of New York, it is best to hire the services of a capable and accomplished divorce attorney; who can make the process clear and easy to understand. 

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In fact, our expert team of NYC divorce attorneys can help you reach the best possible outcome. Through aggressive yet intelligent and tactful means, we have successfully defended the rights and property of many clients in the New York area. Moreover, our emphasis on a case-to-case approach allows us to customize our representative strategies to fit the individual needs of you, the client. We promise to uphold the principles of integrity and transparency and will treat you with dignity and respect. Contact us at 877-826-7257 today to learn more.

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