Divorce Strategy and Protecting the Rights of Fathers

There is no doubt that going through a divorce is difficult for all of the parties concerned – starting with the children that are involved, the divorcing couple all the way to all the other people connected in any way to the divorce – ranging from friends and family, to the lawyers who are trying to get the best outcome for their client.

Divorces are emotionally highly charged, can be prolonged unnecessarily and can leave one party in a highly unfair and unfavorable position following judgment.

Father’s Rights in a Divorce

When it comes to Fathers rights in a divorce, this can be a particularly sensitive and contentious topic. There is a presumption that children should always go with the Mother and many Mother’s with young children are adamant about giving the Father limited access to the children.

At the Law Offices of Brian D Perskin we are opposed to any type of arrangement that reduces, eliminates or in any way affects the natural right of a Father to have access to and build a relationship with his children.

We work with both Mothers and Fathers, we do not discriminate and do not favor one party over another. However, we believe in what is fair, just and will create the best long-term solution for the divorcing couple and their children when it comes to custody issues.

Father’s Rights in New York and Child Visitation

When it comes to a Fathers rights to access to their children, we have dealt with many cases that focus intensely on this issue and we know how to implement a strategy that ensures that the Fathers rights are protected, that the Father is viewed favorably by the courts and that the Father is able to prove that he is a responsible custodian who deserves the maximum time with his children.

We are experts at building out and implementing a strategy to protect the rights of the Father and know how to do it in an intelligent, tactful and professional manner.

Find out more about Fathers rights in a divorce and how to get the winning strategy that gets you in a position where you have leverage, supported by facts, professional opinion and an overall winning case that is solid, hole proof and cannot be broken down by a smooth talking opposing lawyer.

Manhattan Divorce Attorneys

Contact the Law Offices of Brian D Perskin today. No matter whether you are seeking custody, visitation or if you are having child support issues, you can trust that a New York fathers’ rights lawyer from our firm can aggressively stand up for your rights in order to help provide you and your child with the best outcome possible.

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