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Once your spouse has filed for divorce, you need to react the right way. Instead of threatening him or her, or letting resentment get the best of you, it’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible. We at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. can represent you in your New York divorce, so contact us as soon as you are formally served. Until you have proper representation, do not sign any documents or initiate any legal actions!


Your first action should be to schedule an initial consultation with our firm to determine how to handle the impending divorce. Our attorneys have a combined 40 years of experience representing clients, so you should rest assured that we know how to handle even the most unique cases.

When we meet with you, we can discuss several points that will help you with the divorce. For example, we will let you know which documents to collect and make copies of so that they can help support your case. Important documents include tax returns, bank statements, and pay stubs. In fact, any financial documents can be helpful when it comes to dividing your assets.

We will also encourage you to protect yourself once your spouse files for divorce. You can be sure that he or she has been advised of the same by his or her own divorce lawyer. This means you should open a separate checking account, and replace any joint credit cards with a few new cards in your own name. This will help you establish your own credit record.

In fact, you should check your credit report to make sure you know about all the accounts shared by you and your spouse. You may be surprised to find that your spouse opened an account you never knew about during your marriage.

To further protect yourself, you should change passwords on any of your separate accounts that your spouse currently has access to. For example, if he or she knows the passwords to your email account, voicemail, or other accounts you would like to keep private from now on, change them to something your spouse will not be able to guess.

Finally, we will advise you on details that you might not have considered. These may include ensuring that your spouse alone cannot get into shared safety deposit boxes, and that he or she is no longer in charge of making important financial or health decisions for you should you become unable to do so on your own.


Once you have been served divorce papers, it’s time to take some action of your own. Your spouse has likely already taken steps to protect himself or herself, and now you need to do the same. This is especially important if you have children that you need to protect.

Fortunately, the team at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. has a combined 40 years of experience representing clients during divorce. You deserve to have someone on your side who can protect you as you go through this complex legal process. We have experience dealing with child custody, child support, and even high net worth cases, so don’t hesitate to make us your New York divorce attorneys. Fill out an online case evaluation form today.

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