Failure to Pay Any Support

I recently was in Court, arguing my contempt motion in New York Supreme Court. And, a wealthy businessman who owns a number of bakeries told the Judge he makes no money… So, he cannot pay child support.
He has not paid any child support or maintenance in over a year. And, he is facing a stiff jail sentence. That is if he does not provide child support for his children and maintenance for his wife. The Judge originally ordered combined temporary support in the amount of Fifteen Thousand Dollars per month. The husband’s strategy was to cry poverty and he did not pay a dime for over a year. His stupidity lies in the fact that he paid no money for over a year. He should have sent partial payments, or at least made his best efforts. This particular litigant has alienated the divorce Judge and will lose everything at his trial.
If your want to win your divorce case in New York, do not do things to get a Supreme Court Judge in New York mad you. You can be rude to dry cleaner, but not to a Judge who is deciding your case. You would think this advice is obvious. However, you would be surprised at how many people act without any thought during their divorce case in NY.

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