Father’s Rights in New York: Do They Exist?

Many women feel that they can prevent the father of their children from seeing their child or children. The women feel that the father is a bum, that he will not properly supervise them, that he will teach the children the wrong things, etc. In New York, the Courts try to work towards resolving all custody disputes, through a mediation process that involves both parents and their respective attorneys. 

Court Involvement

If the mother has legitimate concerns – like physical violence – or if the father has a drug problem, etc. The Courts can direct the father into the appropriate programs. However, all fathers will get some type of visitation with their children, and as long as the father stays with the recommendations of the Court, he will eventually have joint custody of his children on a regular basis. Just because a mother makes complaints does not mean that the Courts are going to listen. The complaints need to be founded upon substantial evidence.

Want to Make Sure Your Father’s Rights are Protected?

If you are a father currently in the midst of a divorce and worried about your rights, you need to consider hiring an experienced, competent New York father’s rights attorney to guide and defend you through the process. Hiring a father’s right’s attorney with little experience all but guarantees an outcome that is not in line with what you are hoping for. If you choose the wrong representation, you are leaving the fate of your guardianship exclusively to the court.

Hire the Right New York Divorce Attorney

The expert team of New York divorce and father’s right attorneys at Brian D. Perskin and Associates can help you reach the best possible outcome. Through aggressive, yet intelligent and tactful means, we have successfully defended the rights and property of many clients in the New York area. Our emphasis on a case-to-case approach allows us to customize our representative strategies to fit the individual needs of you, the client. We promise to uphold integrity and transparency and will treat you with dignity and respect.

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