Handling Hidden Assets in Divorce

You need to be sure your assets can be equally distributed during your divorce. When it turns out one spouse is hiding assets, there is no way to distribute them fairly. If you suspect that your spouse is not being truthful about the current assets within the marriage, you should contact Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. to get to the bottom of the issue. You deserve to know about all the assets you share with your spouse.


There is little chance you will forget about your home, cars, bank accounts, or other huge assets that you will have to divide. However, you just might forget about smaller assets that could add up to a big price. Don’t let your spouse walk away with several smaller items you own together. Let our team remind you of some of the most common smaller assets that need to be distributed properly.

For example, you probably have some antiques, jewelry, or just plain expensive household items in your home. If you have forgotten about your cappuccino machine or expensive wine cooler, your spouse may take advantage of you by claiming it while you are gone one day. You need to account for it so that you can decide who gets it. Even if you do not want the item itself, you should be compensated for it, either through money or a fair trade.

Assets that provide entertainment are often forgotten about or easily hidden. For instance, if you have a membership to a gym, golf club, or health club together, you need to divide it up with all your other assets. The same goes for season passes to the theater, theme parks, or athletic games. These are items that tend to cost a lot, so you will likely want to include them in the divorce.

Finally, there are some major financial assets that you may have forgotten about, or that your spouse may have purposely hidden. Examples include stock options, reward points on credit cards, and checks for reimbursements.

It is easy to forget about these items, and it is equally easy for your spouse to claim they do not exist so he or she can keep them. But our experts will work tirelessly to uncover any hidden assets so that equitable distribution is truly fair.


We have handled everything from the average divorce to high net worth cases. Whether you are not happy with your current attorney, or just need to hire a lawyer so you can start your case, we are eager to help. We understand the impact hidden assets can have on your financial situation, and we will put a stop to it. We will even go to court with you if need be.

Not only can we discover hidden assets, but we can also find their value quickly so that you know the amount you stand to receive. Any time you suspect your spouse is not allowing assets to be distributed equitably, contact our team at (888) 654-2915 or (718) 875-7584.

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