How Do I Go About Divorce Discovery?

If you are going through a divorce and suspect your spouse may be hiding assets from you, what can you do? This is a question client’s ask far more often than you may think. Fortunately, there are ways to uncover hidden assets and accounts, despite your spouse’s best efforts.

Think Your Spouse is Hiding Assets?

If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets during your divorce, there are a few can do to try to unearth their fraud. You can, for example,  hire a private investigator who can follow your spouse to find out if they use a different bank than you without your knowledge. You can hire a forensic accountant, a financial expert who can look at your family’s finances to locate hidden money. Or, you can use the process known as discovery.

What is Divorce Discovery

During a divorce, the court usually allows for discovery, which is where both parties must submit all relevant documents and accounts requests and be subject to questioning under oath by your spouse’s attorney. Discovery is a useful way for lawyers to gauge the strength of their cases, as well as to weaken the arguments and standing of the other party. During discovery, you may be able to subpoena your spouse’s employer asking for their employment records and payment information. You can also subpoena their bank statements or any other documents you believe they may be attempting to hide.

Hiring a New York Divorce Law Firm

The discovery process is a critical tool for the uncovering of secret assets. Brian D. Perskin & Associates are here to help you. We have the experience and expertise to help you find hidden assets and get what is rightfully yours. Our dogged determination for our clients is your best friend – and their worst enemy.

If you believe your ex-spouse is hiding assets in your divorce, contact us at 877-826-7257 today to get expert-guided legal representation.

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