Is Equal Parenting Time Right for Your Family?

If you are considering 50/50 parenting time when it comes to child custody, you should look at the pros and cons of this type of arrangement. It works perfectly for some parents who are prepared to share their kids equally, but for others, it can be a jarring change. Before you talk to your divorce lawyer about this possibility, you should take a look at the ways 50/50 parenting may and may not work.

The Advantages

If you and your former spouse are both equally thrilled to spend time with your kids, this arrangement may suit you. As long as you are both prepared to work out a schedule that works for everyone, you may be satisfied with the outcome. This is especially true if your kids enjoy spending time with each parent equally. If you are determined to make sure the arrangement stays fair for everyone involved, this may work well, especially if you and your former spouse are still on decent terms.

When Does 50/50 Parenting Not Work?

On the other hand, this arrangement does not work for many couples. First of all, when you and your ex were together, one of you was probably the primary caregiver. Perhaps one of you stayed home to raise the kids, in which case the children are more used to that parent. Even if you both worked, one of you might have regularly put the kids to bed and cleaned up after them.

In general, the parenting duties are not usually equal during marriage, so they should not always be equal after divorce. Judges tend to favor the primary caregiver, which means that parent will probably be given more time with the kids than the other parent. If you are unhappy with the amount of time you get with your children, you need a divorce lawyer to represent you for a better outcome.

Another reason 50/50 parenting does not always work well is that one parent might work more. If one parent stays home and raises the kids, or only works a part-time job, he or she may be given more time with the kids than the parent who is always at work. After all, if you are working 60 hours a week, you will likely have to pay someone to watch the children while you are gone. In that case, the judge may prefer to let you have the kids only during your time off work, which means you will not use the 50/50 parenting approach.

Some Parents Don’t Fit the Cut

Additionally, sometimes one parent simply should not take care of the kids as much as the other parent should. For example, if your former spouse is going through drug addiction or alcoholism, he or she cannot usually care for kids as well as a healthy parent could. This is especially the case during divorce since this is a rough time, so some people turn to unhealthy substances to cope.

In some cases, a parent will request 50/50 time with the kids just to hurt the other parent. If you believe your former spouse is taking this route, and cannot properly care for the children like you could, you should contact us immediately. The legal staff of Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. can help you get what’s best for your kids during divorce.

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