Learn How We Can Benefit Your High Net Worth Case

When you have a high net worth divorce case, you have a lot to lose. That’s why you need an experienced New York divorce lawyer who has dealt with cases like yours before. Whether you own a successful business or just have a lot of personal assets, you should find an attorney who can help you avoid being taken advantage of. Find out what we at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. can do for you.

Obtain Accurate Valuation of Your Assets

The first step in dividing your assets is finding out just how much they are worth. Only then can the process of distribution begin. We can obtain an expert’s opinion on how much your business, marital home, retirement accounts, and other major assets are worth. Getting an accurate value is crucial if you want your assets divided fairly. This is also a beneficial detail to have on your side if your former spouse is insisting that the assets you own are worth less or more than they really are.

Find All Assets

You may find that your former spouse seems to be hiding assets from you. If this is the case, we can use the right specialists to uncover any hidden assets so that you get everything you deserve when dividing your estate. Whether your ex is undervaluing assets or insisting accounts do not exist when they are actually hidden in other countries, we can help find them. Only when we are all aware of every asset can we confidently move forward with a New York high net worth case. After all, we need to make sure you get all the assets you are entitled to after your divorce.

Learn the Tax Implications

Before you negotiate with your former spouse, you need to make sure the assets you accept will not be greatly penalized with taxes. If your ex is vindictive and sneaky, he or she may trick you into accepting assets that will be heavily taxed so that you barely come out with anything, while he or she will agree to take the items that are barely taxed at all. This is why you need the assistance of a New York divorce attorney who has successfully completed several high net worth cases. You deserve to have someone on your side; after all, your ex likely does. Make no mistake that his or her lawyer will be offering recommendations in your former spouse’s favor, so you need to enjoy the same advantage.

High Net-Worth Divorce in New York

Don’t lose everything you have worked hard for simply because your former spouse is being greedy or downright malicious. Not every divorce lawyer understands how to properly manage high net worth cases, but we do. Contact us at 646-759-9735 or 718-875-7584 today.

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