A Guide to Celebrating Mother’s Day During Divorce

The first Mother’s Day during divorce can be difficult. Can a mom depend on her ex to make the day special? Will she be left in the dust if she doesn’t have scheduled parenting time on Sunday?

Surviving Mother’s Day during divorce is easier than you may think, especially when both parents take steps to make the day special.

Review Your Custody Agreement

Mothers run the risk of not seeing their children on Mother’s Day if parents share joint custody. A quick review of the custody agreement can determine which parent has the children on Mother’s Day. It is important for children to spend Mother’s Day with mom, so allowing changes to the current schedule is recommended.

Planning for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a holiday worth celebrating, and taking a break from the normal day-to-day routine is a great way to do just that.

Moms must let their ex know if their custody and visitation schedule will change on Mother’s Day. Changes can include an earlier drop off to accommodate brunch reservations, or if they wish to visit grandparents outside of the city. The sooner they can discuss plans with their ex, the better!

Tips for Dads on Mother’s Day

Divorced dads can still play a pivotal role in Mother’s Day, especially if they share young children with their ex. Dads can help their children shop for gifts, or even have flowers and chocolates delivered to their ex’s home on Mother’s Day.

Divorced dads need to recognize how difficult this holiday can be for their ex, and do what they can to make the holiday easier. Being flexible with changes in visitation is incredibly important, as is encouraging their children to celebrate their mother. Mom will be more inclined to extend the same courtesies come Father’s Day, if dad does his part to make her day special.

Single Moms on Mother’s Day

Single moms don’t always get the recognition they deserve on Mother’s Day. Instead of breakfast in bed, flowers, and thoughtful gifts from a dotting husband and father, they may just receive a hug and handmade card from their toddler.

Single moms may feel left out on this special holiday, but they need to remember that the day isn’t just about gifts. It’s about the little moments with their children, and creating lasting and loving memories. Instead of feeling blue, single moms can plan a mommy-and-me activity, or reserve a table at a nice eatery. Some moms even splurge book themselves a massage and facial at a spa for some much needed alone time.

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