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On the Verge of Divorce Due to the Pandemic? Remote Divorce Mediation in New York Can Help

remote divorce mediation in new york

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the daily headaches of life have not stopped, even as millions of Americans have swapped their offices for remote work at home. Unfortunately, this shift may have shed more light on irreparable rifts in your marriage. Luckily, relief is possible in a remote landscape with New York divorce attorney Brian Perskin, who is skilled in mediation and divorce proceedings. 

What is Mediation?

A low-stakes tiff about whose turn it is to wash the dishes pales in comparison to deep-rooted disagreements that feel impossible to come back from in your relationship. This is an overwhelming realization to come to. It may leave you with a sense of uncertainty with the question of “Where do I go from here?” ringing your head. 

Mediation may be one of the first places where you can get some critical answers. It’s a frequently used method for negotiating a divorce settlement. Typically, remote divorce mediation in New York involves the two former spouses, possibly their two respective lawyers, and a third-party, neutral mediator. 

Instead of being a decisionmaker, this person facilitates the conversation and helps you and your spouse come to an agreement. While pre-pandemic arrangements would usually involve an in-person sit-down, remote mediations have emerged as a safe but effective method for couples seeking divorce during the pandemic. 

The different format does not suppress the several benefits of mediation versus the pitfalls of receiving a summons to divorce court. This list includes the fact that mediation is less expensive, confidential, and affords both parties more control than expected in front of a judge. 

What Should I Look for in a Mediator?

It is no secret that such proceedings can turn ugly and flip a benign split into a more contentious battle. Most importantly, mediation emphasizes communication between the parties, unlike a courtroom where rulings on custody and spousal support are handed down and strictly enforced. A remote discussion like that could pave the road for better relationships in the future, especially if facilitated by Brian Perskin.

Having a trusted and experienced mediator for remote divorce mediation in New York is essential to be successful because he or she is invested in each step of the process, even as a third-party. Each party is typically asked to make a statement at the beginning of the mediation and then the mediator will likely ask questions about certain matters. It may feel painful or uncomfortable to hash out repeated fights with an outside individual, but an industry elite, like New York divorce attorney Brian Perskin, will approach the matter with equally weighted intentions to serve both parties. 

The pandemic has effectively proved the remote world is adaptable to most in-person engagements in New York and beyond. But the remote situation may present a challenge when you’re choosing who you’d like to sit in as a third-party facilitator because it is difficult to gauge people without meeting them in person, especially for a role as important as a mediator. This emphasizes the importance of their resume and prior experience. 

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That’s why a candidate like Brian Perskin, who has invaluable experience as a divorce lawyer in New York, is ideal. With his expertise and advisory tactics during the mediation, you can avoid a stressful and potentially messy divorce settlement by setting the remote divorce mediation in New York into a reliable set of hands. Call our office at 866-627-8027 for a free consultation.

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