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Spousal Support Attorney: Facing Spousal Support Hardship Due to the Pandemic? Here Are Your Options

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The onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York put a strain on many aspects of so many lives. Financial wellness has taken an especially hard hit due to quarantining, social distancing restrictions, and massive layoffs and furloughs. From the top-down, remaining financially buoyant has been a national concern, and households across the country must ask difficult questions about what is affordable. 

During your COVID-19 financial assessment, spousal support hardship may have emerged as a sore spot. As an experienced New York spousal support attorney, Brian Perskin can remedy some of those issues. 

Separation or divorce in a marriage is an emotional hardship, and the fiduciary loss for both involved parties may appear inevitable. It’s a tough journey, and the support of a New York spousal support attorney like Brian Perskin is invaluable. Choosing the best-suited attorney to represent you and your case is the first step to take to leveraging some positives amidst spousal support hardship. 

If You Can’t Afford Your Spousal Support Payments

One of the chief roles of a New York spousal support attorney is to inform his or her client about all the possibilities of spousal support hardship. For example, if you were mandated to pay your former spouse and could no longer afford these costs, failure to continue may mean you can be held in contempt of court, depending on your jurisdiction. Despite how intimidating such a turnout may sound, a spousal support attorney is equipped to mediate and avoid this outcome.

An experienced New York spousal support attorney would also serve as an advisor for building your case. The more evidence of financial hardship that you can show a judge — such as pay stubs, applications for unemployment, or a letter of termination from previous employment — the more convincing it is that your argument for not being able to make spousal support payments is justified.

Similar to the grievances people experience with loans, it is unlikely the responsibility to make these payments will be easily absolved. Though, an experienced spousal support attorney has the knowledge to spot more advantageous in-road. They may be able to effectively argue that the other party is no longer eligible for any form of spousal support, thus ridding you of a surmountable financial burden. 

Such decisions are made by the court and based on the length of the marriage, the standard of living maintained during the marriage, the ability of the recipient to remain self-sufficient, and the overall wellness of the parties involved. A similar list of attributes could play into an argument for a spousal support modification, where the court will reexamine your current standing and decide if too egregious of payments are being enforced.

Outstanding representation also has the skills to lead a conversation in the courtroom geared toward a reimagined payment plan cognizant of your current financial losses. This way, you are not mired down by unattainable costs while you attempt to get back on your feet. 

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Separation or divorce is never an easy web to untangle. The ongoing pandemic has only tied up such arrangements further, draining the economy and American pockets. Don’t let those concerns befuddle you any longer, and call New York spousal support attorney Brian D. Perskin to learn more about what support he can offer you in a courtroom. Call our office at 866-627-8027 to schedule a consultation.

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