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Is Your Spouse Spying on You? Get Help From a Divorce Attorney NYC!

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Going through a separation is not easy and with emotions running high your best judgment may not always be at the forefront. You may feel like the world is falling apart around you and in order to grasp onto anything that can help you, you resort to extreme action and even land yourself into legal trouble. 

A divorce attorney NYC has seen several instances where one spouse is trying to get the upper hand in a court case and resorts to illegal activity like spying. If you are being spied on you will need legal assistance. 

Is Spying on Your Spouse Legal?

This is actually a tricky answer because there are some legal ways that you can spy on your ex and some illegal ones if you ask the correct divorce attorney NYC. One crucial thing any NYC divorce attorney will tell you is that if there is an order of protection in place you must not by any means contact or attempt to spy on your ex-spouse. 

Following an interaction with an ex on social media is not illegal. Googling them is also not illegal. As our divorce attorney NYC has stated these are public forums and this is accessible to everyone.

There are forms of spying that can be considered illegal however and these are what can cause the most trouble for you and your NYC divorce attorney. An instance that is considered illegal spying is when technology is used such as spyware or key-logging software is installed on the other person’s computer and or phone. 

However, as with everything there is a caveat because New York is a one-party consent law. Our NYC divorce attorney explains that this means in order for a conversation to be recorded only one party has to give consent. This is also true for video recordings. Other forms of illegal spying can be a Class A Felony. 

Why Spy?

Spying on an ex is common but can actually get you into some trouble. There are many reasons exes spy and the most commonly cited by an NYC divorce attorney include:

  • To find proof of hidden assets
  • To find evidence of adultery
  • To find evidence of neglectful parenting
  • To harass the ex-spouse
  • To obtain information that helps in a divorce or custody battle

There are many reasons spouses spy on each other and none of these are valid reasons. It can actually cost you any legal battle our NYC divorce attorney advises. 

How do You Know if Your Spouse is Spying on You?

It may not be obvious to you at first that you are spied on but our divorce attorney NYC has a few ways to tell you are being spied on. These include:

  • Passwords have suddenly changed
  • Your ex mentions details from a private conversation you had with other people
  • Your browsing history is incorrect
  • You hear clicking noises when you are on the phone
  • Your ex shows up to where you are without you informing them of your location

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