The Model Divorce for Parents

Earlier last week, actor Orlando Bloom and supermodel Miranda Kerr announced that they would be ending their 3-year marriage. The couple has a two year old son named Flynn. According to sources, the two have been amicably separated for a few months.

Bloom recently spoke about the divorce with talk show host Katie Couric, saying that their lives did not turn out the way they had planned, but that the pair were remaining friendly for the benefit of their young son. Bloom continued, “We love each other. We’re a family. We’re going to be in each other’s lives for the rest of our lives. There’s no question, for the sake of our son and everything else, we’re going to support one another and love each other as parents to Flynn.”

Bloom and Kerr’s approach to divorce and co-parenting are refreshing in a world of feuding spouses. While the grounds for their divorce remain unknown, the two are continuing to be supportive to each other, and loving parents to Flynn. The two are so committed to keeping their divorce positive that they were recently seen out on the streets of New York City together.

Couples with children who are going through a divorce can look to Bloom and Kerr as an example of how to handle their current situation. Treat your spouse with respect, and remain open to having a friendship with them. While not every divorcing couple can maintain a close relationship with their former spouse, acting civil or friendly can make the world of difference if children are involved. Children, regardless of their age, are able to pick up on any hostility between their parents. A child is more likely to emerge from the divorce unscathed if the experience remains as stress free as possible.

Only time will tell if the Bloom and Kerr divorce will end happily, or if their wealth and fame will cause the couple to hit road bumps along the way. But if their current actions are any indication, the stars will bask in a post-divorce bliss, enjoying their redefined roles as parents and former spouses.

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