Tips On Keeping Your Children As A Priority While Going Through A Divorce

Facing a divorce is never easy and can be made even more difficult when children are involved. A New York divorce attorney can guide you through the legal process but this does not mean that a NYC divorce attorney is your scapegoat for keeping your children a priority during a divorce. That is something only you and the other parent can do.

Our NYC divorce attorney has some helpful tips for keeping your children a priority during a divorce.

Tips On Keeping Your Children Priority While Going Through Divorce

Do Not Put Them in The Middle

As any New York divorce attorney will tell you, do not put your children in the middle of your marital problems. You should inform your children of the big change but also let them know that the relationship they have with each parent will not change. Stick to logistics and do not go into detail about what is happening on the legal front.
Your New York divorce attorney can handle the legalities, you need to focus on the emotional aspect that affects your children.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the child is not the messenger. Both parents are adults and need to communicate as such.

Co-Parenting is Key

Our New York divorce attorney says that many couples think co-parenting begins after divorce. That is not the case however, good co-parenting begins before the divorce is ever finalized. As parents, you will need to put your children first and your pride last. Establish boundaries and plan ahead of the divorce.

The more planning that is done ahead of time the easier it will be to keep the peace. Devise a schedule that works for the children as well as the parents. Co-parenting is ever-evolving and you will need to be flexible as the years pass and will need to continue to have an open dialogue with the other parent.

Do Not Make Them Choose

Any NYC divorce attorney will tell you that one of the biggest mistakes divorcees make is trying to make their children choose. Now, do not mistake this for not allowing your children to have a voice. This is quite the opposite, our NYC divorce attorney wants your child to speak freely and the way they express themselves can determine several issues in custody battles. However, do not make them choose between parents. This can actually backfire in court and emotionally.

Consistency is Important

Remember, people like routines, and your children are no different, reminds our NYC divorce attorney. Keep their routine consistent as much as feasibly possible. Also, try to keep the same routine at both homes. This will avoid the child ‘liking’ one parent over the other.

It may be difficult to balance the changing schedule at first but try to be as flexible as possible while staying consistent. Keep an eye on your children for behavioral changes and acting out. This may mean that the changes are too much for them to handle and you may need to slow down.

Hiring a New York Child Custody Attorney

During the divorce process, you will need an experienced NYC divorce attorney. Contact Brian D.Perskin & Associates P.C. at (866) 938-3454 today to discuss your case.
With our expertise, we feel confident that we can help you every step of the way as you go through a very difficult process.

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