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It can be difficult to know exactly what to expect as the process of a divorce proceeds. For many, the decision to officially end a marriage through legal dissolution is one that does not come easily or quickly; similarly, the process of ending the marriage will not be done quickly or easily. There are several significant factors of a marriage that must be attended to before its termination can be completed – matters such as equitable distribution, spousal support, and in the case of children, child custody and support.

All of these are matters that could potentially complicate a divorce, particularly for women who may be used to the financial support and care of a husband who is no longer willing to provide in the same way.

In the termination of any marriage, there are stressors for both parties of a splitting couple. However, women often face an additional difficult hardship: navigating through a divorce while simultaneously attempting to figure out how they will regroup and make a life for themselves and their children. It is not uncommon for married women with children to retire their work and take on the full-time responsibilities of parenting and homemaking.

While this makes for an ideal situation in some marriages, it can become extremely problematic when a divorce becomes a couple’s reality. Suddenly the woman is left with the difficult task of picking up the pieces of her marriage while also trying to establish her future – both financially and emotionally.


Married women and mothers who are facing a future life of divorce deserve to be represented by a New York divorce attorney that can help ensure that they remain empowered and well taken care of during this time of uncertainty. At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. we do exactly that.

Throughout the state of New York, we have extended our services to divorcing women who wish to protect their rights during the dissolution of their marriage. Legally and financially, women are entitled to support packages, custody rights, personal assets, and the like. We can help make sure that these rights are not overlooked or taken advantage of by the attorney your soon-to-be-ex has employed in his defense.

As the prospect of a failed marriage looms closer, it is natural to wonder what your options are for child care, house payments, financial responsibilities, etc. Therefore, we have made ourselves available to answer all of your questions and inform you of the individual rights you are legally entitled to as a woman of New York.

You deserve to know your rights, and more importantly, you deserve to have those rights respected. That is what we are here for. We will treat your case with delicacy, privacy, and compassion – always ensuring that your best interests are kept at the forefront of every legal procedure that commences under our legal care. Contact a New York divorce attorney from our offices today to learn more about the services we have to offer.

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