A Record Breaking $4.5 BILLION Divorce Settlement for Russian Oligarch

Did You Know About this 6-Year Divorce?

A divorce in Switzerland that has spanned six years has finally come to an end with a record shattering $4.5 billion settlement being awarded to Elena Rybolovlev, ex-wife of Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev. The couple has two children together, Anna, 13, and Ekaterina, 25. In addition to the cash sum, Mrs. Rybolovlev’s settlement included multiple properties located throughout Europe, with a value of well over $150 million dollars.

Further Details on the Rybolovlev’s

The divorce was rumored to take over half a decade due to the fact that the Rybolovlev’s were stuck in a nasty battle involving financial capital, some of which had been transferred to offshore trusts prior to the beginning of the divorce action. Additionally, Mrs. Rybolovlev claims that her estranged husband used marital property and funds to purchase multi-million dollar homes as well as a majority ownership in French soccer club AS Monaco, in an attempt to conceal some of his cash assets. The pair is said to jointly own many properties scattered across the globe, some of which were purchased after the start of the court case. Two rather expensive properties were purchased for the couple’s eldest daughter, and include a penthouse apartment in New York City valued at $88 million, as well as a private Greek island (pictured below).

Mrs. Rybolovlev’s attorney, Marc Bonnant, has referred to this case as, “the most expensive divorce in history”, but called the settlement “amicable” considering the lengthy duration of the matrimonial battle. Mr. Rybolovlev was astounded by the ruling, and may plan to appeal the decision. In order to successfully appeal the ruling, Mr. Rybolovlev and his legal team will need to persuade two different courts that the judgment is unfair. This process will take quite a bit of time, and it is not publically known whether or not an appeal action will be started.

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The Greek island of Skorpios was purchased for the Rybolovlev’s eldest daughter, Ekaterina, for a reported 100 million euros.

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