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After You File: Keeping Perspective and Next Steps

after filing for divorce

Divorce at any stage is stressful, but after you file, preparation and understanding can make it much easier. With the right steps, you can relieve much of the stress and anxiety associated with divorce. Let’s go over some of these steps to help you keep perspective and move forward seamlessly with the next chapter in your life.

Only Take Advice From Professionals

Everyone you come in contact with will have some guidance to offer you when they find out you are filing for divorce. You can let these people have their say, but you only need to heed advice from professionals such as your divorce attorney, financial planner, therapist, accountant, or any other type of certified professional that handles divorce proceedings.

Telling Your Children

The most challenging aspect of filing for divorce is telling your children, no matter their age. You need to schedule a time to talk with them as a family with your spouse. Do not rush the conversation, answer questions honestly, and make sure your children know that you both still love them and that it is not their fault. Telling children about divorce is stressful, but it is a necessary part of the process that will help everyone move forward.

divorce attorneyDo Not Make Major Purchases

Avoid making any significant purchases after you file for divorce. This advice includes buying a new home, car, boat, artwork, season tickets for your favorite football team, and any other substantial purchase. These types of purchases can put you in a bad financial situation with your soon-to-be former spouse, as the court may require you to award them more money or assets than you initially suspected.

Accept Help

Family and close friends will want to help you as much as possible when they find out you are going through a divorce. The days and weeks after you file will be hectic, especially if you have children. Accept help from those who offer it, no matter how little it might be at the time. Driving your kids to and from school, taking them to practice, running errands for you, and doing household chores can become overwhelming. If someone offers you help, don’t be afraid to accept it.

Create a Budget

You need to create a budget and stick to it even before the finalization of the divorce. A divorce lawyer will be able to explain the type of budget you need to create. You will be living on one income and savings until you find adequate employment to sustain yourself financially.

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