An Experienced Divorce Lawyer Can Improve Your Divorce Strategy

An experienced divorce lawyer can help your prepare for your divorce in several ways. Someone who knows the system should know how to get things done. There is so much about the practice of law that is not covered in law school. Furthermore, there is a lot about family law that lawyers would not learn by practicing in other areas. Finally, New York family law is different from family law in other jurisdictions – so someone who is experienced in family law in another state may not necessarily know the New York system.

Consider all the details that can make a lawyer more efficient.

  • Knowing what forms are required
  • Knowing what documents to request from the other side
  • Knowing where to find forms
  • Knowing how to submit forms
  • Knowing the deadlines for filing cases

There is much more to the practice of law than understanding how judges are likely to interpret statutes and case law. A lawyer who knows the people in the system has an edge in winning cases.

Consider how experience working with various players in the system can create an advantage:

  • Knowing other lawyers means knowing what strategies they are likely to use, knowing if how to interpret their offers, and being able to recommend the best counter strategies to their tactics. Also, knowing how to prepare clients emotionally for how the other side might aggravate the situation.
  • Knowing judges means knowing how they are likely to interpret arguments. This can help a lawyer craft the most effective arguments by focusing on topics that are likely to sway the judge and preparing for what the judge may perceive as weaknesses in the case.
  • Knowing professionals that provide counselling and other forms of support can help a lawyer make good recommendations. In some cases, clients may not know to ask for services that could help them. An experienced lawyer can advise clients of their options. For example, in some cases, children may benefit from seeing a therapist with training and experience working with children who are in the middle of a custody dispute or a divorce. This can be very important if physical or emotional abuse is an issue in the case. In other cases, a financial specialist may help clients protect their rights. For example, a tax lawyer might save them a lot of money by helping craft a strategy so they can thrive financially after their divorce.

An experienced divorce lawyer has likely seen similar cases to what you are going through. This means being able to provide better advice for your situation and being able to provide that advice in a more effective manner.

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