Dealing with Alimony and Divorce

Dealing with alimony and divorce is a hot topic and there are differing views on how to alimony or spousal maintenance is to be determined and what is actually fair and equitable in each situation. It is crucial to remember that every divorce case is different and you must not expect to receive the same alimony that you heard somebody else received.

This is because alimony, along with other divorce issues is based on the facts of each individual case and it is also important to remember that there is only so much that you can expect to get from one person’s paycheck. It is also largely unfair to expect one party of the divorce to support the other indefinitely.

Divorce and Alimony for the Short and Long Term

When it comes to divorce and alimony there is both the short and long term view that needs to be considered. In the short term, the spouse with the money may be expected to pay a higher a money initially, but this is reduced over time and Courts in New York expect the other spouse to find work and the means to support themselves over the long term.

The way that alimony is determined as a rule of thumb is that the spousal support payments will last approximately half of the time that the couple were married, and the payments that are to be made will be at a reducing rate. Thus, there is some short term pain for the spouse that is to be making the payments, but this is by no means a long term solution.

Judges in New York do expect the spouse that is receiving the alimony to take the appropriate steps in finding works and the means to support themselves financially.

Hiring a Manhattan Divore and Family Lawyer

Find out more about divorce and alimony and how to create a Winning Divorce Strategy with an experienced and highly professional New York Divorce Attorney that understands that each case is to be treated with attention to the particular facts.

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