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Settle Early

The best advice I can give to some clients is to settle their divorce case early, if they are fully informed of all the facts of their case.

Can the Judge Require Life Insurance?

It is relief that the court may grant a party directing his/her spouse to provide insurance for the benefit of his/her spouse or his/her children.

Can the Judge Force Me to Sell My House?

In New York State, Judges can force the sale of the marital residence or any property that is deemed to be marital.

How Do I Find Out How Much Money My Husband Has?

New York State Law requires that all litigants in a divorce case must comply with financial discovery.

What Should You Do?

My ex decided that since there was no order of Custody he was going to take the child whenever he felt like it…..

divorce case trial

Should My Divorce Case Proceed to Trial?

The Judge told all the parties either settle the case or you are going to trial and he will decide their future…..

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