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new york no-fault divorce

Divorce Strategies Under New York’s No-Fault Divorce

On August 15, 2010, New York Governor David Paterson signed no-fault divorce into law. Here are some divorce strategies to take under this divorce.

divorce lawyer protect business

How a Divorce Lawyer Can Protect Your Business

Divorce can ruin businesses at a time when your financial resources are pushed to their limits. Here’s how a divorce lawyer can protect your business.

equitable distribution new york

How Does Equitable Distribution in New York Work?

Equitable distribution is the legal process of dividing properties between spouses who are undergoing a divorce. How does it work in New York?

file for divorce

Before You File: A Checklist to Make Before Your Divorce

Divorce is not an easy decision to make. You might wake up one morning and realize that your marriage is no longer viable. However, it’s not that simple when it comes to filing for divorce. There’s a lot that goes into preparing to file for divorce, including getting your finances in order before you enlist … Read more

debt and divorce

Debt and Divorce: Considerations and Consequences

The effects of divorce reverberate throughout your entire life. From the repercussions on your mental and physical health to the impact on your children and the consequences on your finances, divorce can cause you a lot of stress and anxiety. One of the most significant worries many divorcing couples have is how debt and divorce … Read more

hidden assets divorce

I Have Hidden Assets: What Do I Do?

Divorce is a challenging time for anyone, even under the best of circumstances. Assets division in divorce is one of the critical aspects that will have a lasting impact on your future financial life. You may have certain marital assets, which your spouse is not aware of because you’re not sure about your marriage’s future.  … Read more

divorce for women

The Aftermath of Divorce: Women’s Rights

Divorce for women is much different than divorce for men. Why? Women invest themselves in relationships emotionally more than men, and divorce can cause a lot of emotional anguish, suffering, fear, and other problems. This post will explore the difficulties of divorce for women and outline their rights in this situation. Financial Struggles It’s more … Read more

grandparents rights

Legal Separation and Grandparents: What Now?

Divorce doesn’t just affect the couple signing the agreement or their children. It also affects the grandparents from both sides of the family. How and when will grandparents be able to spend time with their grandchildren? Will they be able to continue regular vacations with the grandchildren? These are crucial questions that all grandparents will … Read more

dividing business assets

Dividing Business Assets During Divorce: How it Works

Hearing your spouse utter the word “divorce” can be overwhelming and stressful, even if you knew there were problems in your marriage. It can become increasingly problematic when you own a business. What will happen to your business during a divorce? Does your spouse receive half of the business assets? This article will describe how … Read more

equitable distribution

Equitable Distribution: What is it and How is it Determined?

Equitable distribution is the division of marital property based on the needs of each spouse and what is fair in the divorce. Equitable distribution does not have a set formula as it varies from case to case. Often, it is left to the discretion of the judge if the divorce reaches trial. An experienced divorce … Read more