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Equitable Distribution

How to Value Real Estate in Your Divorce Settlement – Winning Strategies

Real Estate and other property can be difficult to divide fairly in a divorce settlement.

5 Tips to Protect Your Finances during Your Divorce

A key component of a winning divorce is settling upon financial arrangements that will meet the needs of you and your family.

What Happens to My Property in a New York City Divorce?

An experienced attorney can help protect your property during all stages of divorce proceedings.

Top 12 Ways to Avoid a Costly Divorce – Part 2

Make sure that you get all your information, documents and financial records in order.

Top 12 Ways to Avoid a Costly Divorce – Part 1 of 2

Going through the divorce process is a difficult, emotional and expensive time for both parties.

Enhanced Earnings, Enhanced Confusion

Sorry for the delay in between posts, I will be updating this blog more consistently in the future.

What is the Proper Valuation Date?

The Court of Appeals recently ruled that the proper valuation date for all marital property is the date the summons for divorce is filed.

The Family Jewels

It is a common misconception that jewelry is necessarily the separate property of the wife and is never subject to equitable distribution.

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