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Just because your grown child is divorcing his or her spouse should not mean you never get to see your grandchildren. There is not a lot of information regarding grandparents’ rights, so it can be difficult to know whether you will be able to see your grandkids regularly after divorce. That’s why you need to hire a lawyer. We at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. can advise you on your rights as grandparents.


There are not many laws governing grandparents’ rights after a divorce, but in some cases, you have a good chance of being able to see the kids regularly. One common example is if the parents of your grandkids are negligent, putting them at risk. As long as the kids have relatives like you to fight for them, they will likely be able to avoid foster care.
You just need to show that you can provide a safe, loving environment for the children. It also helps if you already have a good relationship with them. If the children feel comfortable with you, this puts you at an advantage compared to if they have never seen you before. In either situation, though, we can help you improve your chances of gaining custody.
If the children are safe with their parents, but you worry that you will not see them anymore after divorce, we encourage you to come to us. It can be scary to realize that if your adult child does not get custody of the children, the custodial parent does not have to let you see them. However, many grandparents who fight to get visitation end up with a court order that ensures that they can see their grandkids, which means the custodial parent cannot take away this right.
When you come to us, we will make sure you know your rights. Whether you want full custody or just visitation privileges, we can help your case so you get what’s best for both you and your grandkids. We know what the judge wants to hear, which is why we always keep each child’s health and safety in mind. As long as seeing you regularly is in the child’s best interest, we can strengthen your case so you can see your grandchildren.


It is important that you not leave your case in the hands of an inexperienced firm. Fortunately, we have over 40 years of experience between our lawyers, so you can rest assured that we have seen cases like yours. This allows us to create an approach for your case that has the best chance of working out.
We are not only experienced, but also sympathetic to your situation. We do not believe that a divorce should be able to ruin your relationship with your grandchildren, especially if the kids are used to seeing you. We want to do what is best for everyone involved, which is why we are eager to represent you. Call us today at 646-760-1719 or 718-875-7584 to get started.

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