Christie Brinkley and Husband Finally Reach Agreement in Messy Settlement

Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook recently settled their divorce out of court. The settlement was supposed to keep the divorce from getting too nasty and too public, but that’s not the way it has worked out. In fact, this divorce goes to show that a settlement is not always the best way to keep the separation smooth and amicable.

Both Christie and Peter’s lawyers apparently advised the couple to stay out of court since the trial would likely be ugly, but the settlement appears to be just as bad. The couple now even has a rule instated that they not contact each other verbally, due to the fact that so many strong, hurtful words have been exchanged. Of course, the rule will not necessarily stop them from verbally hurting each other, as both have been guilty of hurling insults using the press.

In addition, they have apparently been sending emails to each other full of accusations. Christie mentioned that thanks to the settlement, she now has an intermediary to ensure she no longer has to deal with the abuse contained in Peter’s emails. The couple also now has a parental coordinator who can help with the difficult job of co-parenting. In fact, one of the reasons the judge urged the couple to stay out of the courtroom was to make the divorce easier on the children, since a long trial could be difficult for them to get through.

The settlement was also intended to keep the divorce out of the public eye as much as possible. However, the lawyers did not account for the fact that both would be using social media to tell the public about the divorce. For example, shortly after the settlement, Christie updated her status on Facebook to say that she no longer has to deal with bullying and emotional abuse through email. She also mentioned that her ex-husband has been trying to extort money from her while assassinating her character during the divorce. Peter made similar accusations to the public about his ex-wife.

If you have been going through a similar divorce with your spouse, it may be hard to imagine settling it out of court. Though settlements often work out well when couples compromise, it is not possible for every couple to come to an agreement. If your divorce lawyer wants you to settle out of court, but you want to go straight to trial, it is important that your voice be heard.

You know your spouse better than anyone, and if you are sure he or she will not compromise, your settlement could drag on for years and become out of hand, much like Christie and Peter’s divorce. To avoid the issue, talk to the legal experts at Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. We understand that going to court is sometimes the best option available.

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