Commemorating Your Divorce

Life’s milestones deserve to be celebrated and commemorated. The end of your divorce is no exception. Whether your case was short and uncontested, or a long and stressful contested action, it is important to mark the occasion. But, what form of celebration is appropriate? A somber memorial, or a grand fete?

Divorce Parties

Divorce parties are a growing trend, with event planners across the country eager to take part in the thriving industry. Divorce parties can be small get-togethers with a few friends, to full on bashes that rival wedding receptions. The options really are limitless, and can be molded to fit your individual tastes.

These unique parties were created to help put a positive twist on the finalization of a divorce matter. It’s important that you don’t focus on negative thoughts after divorce, rather celebrate that a messy or hurtful chapter of your life is behind you. The key to thriving post-divorce is to think positively and look forward to a brighter future. A celebration can be just the thing you need to kick-off your newly single life the right way!

Divorce Retreats

A divorce retreat can be a great way for you to mark the finalization of your divorce, especially if you are having a difficult time coping with the end of your marriage. These retreats attempt to address the negative emotions associated with divorce or other losses, encouraging participants to learn, heal, and grow from the experience.

You may feel at a loss after your divorce is finalized. Perhaps you lost your home, group of friends, or relationships with your ex’s family members. You may even be trapped in a perpetual state of mourning, missing the companionship you once had. If this is the case, a divorce retreat may be just what you need to accepting, and coping with, divorce.

Surrounding yourself with others who are experiencing the same emotions and hardships as you are can be tremendously therapeutic and eye-opening. Sure, divorce can be emotionally, mentally, and physically traumatic, but your new life doesn’t have to be. Consider one of these retreats if you are having a difficult time coming to terms with your divorce.

Time to Get Away

If a divorce retreat isn’t up your alley, why not take a vacation? Whether solo or with a small group of close friends, getting out of town is a great way to celebrate the end of your divorce. Surrounding yourself with those who love and care for you unconditionally is the perfect way to mark the beginning of your new life.

If a faraway vacation isn’t an option for you, consider a road trip or a staycation. New York City offers a plethora of activities and attractions, and is also in driving distance to many area vineyards, beaches, and quaint New England towns.

Plan an itinerary, or fly by the seat of your pants. Do whatever grabs your attention. Have fun and indulge. You’ve overcome the turmoil of a divorce, and you deserve to enjoy yourself!

Celebrate with Your Ex

If you had an uncontested divorce, and you and your former spouse have remained amicable throughout the divorce proceeding, the two of you can celebrate together. This commemorative approach may seem unorthodox, but what better way to say good-bye to a chapter in your life, and welcome whatever comes next?

Some divorced couples choose to share a nice meal and bottle of wine at a favorite restaurant, while others prefer to pay tribute to their now defunct by co-hosting a divorce bash with family and friends. Couples with children will often plan a family friendly outing that places an emphasis on new beginnings, which can help children better cope with divorce.

The Sky’s the Limit!

The possibilities for commemorating the finalization of your divorce are limitless. They know no bounds. Have you always wanted to get a tattoo? Go for it! What about sky diving, booking a solo vacation, or going back to college? Might as well!

You are standing on the brink of change. A new life. Accept these changes with open arms, and be willing to fully immerse yourself in new and exciting experiences. It is okay to mourn your marriage, but an emphasis needs to be placed on finding the positive in your divorce. Now is the perfect time to take a leap of faith and mark the occasion however you deem fit. Do what makes you the happiest.

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