What Should I do?

My ex is making it difficult for me to see my children. What should I do about custody or visitation?

Unfortunately, custody and visitation cases in New York are messy. In fact, there really are no winners. When one parent will lie, and make false allegations, it is difficult for some Judges to have a clear understanding if one party is actually telling the truth.

No matter how angry you are at the other parent, always decide your strategy on what would be best for the child and or children. Is it really worth it to have a custody or visitation fight for an extra day per week? Some people would say yes. However, others would say it was not worth dragging the kids through the process. In the end, nobody wins. Judges do not want to decide every aspect of each case that is before them. When negotiating a custody or visitation case in NY, remain firm in your position, however, try to understand the other sides position and try to develop a settlement that both of you can live with.

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