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Divorce Attorney in NYC: Is Your New Year’s Resolution to Separate or Divorce?

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The beginning of the year is a time for a change and many people will look back on the past year to figure out what they need to work on in the new year. One of those changes may be to separate from or divorce your spouse. Divorce may have been on your mind for a while but for various reasons, you had not contacted a divorce attorney in NYC yet. Now is the time, however, and you are ready to take the plunge by hiring a New York divorce attorney.

Why The Surge in Divorce in January?

As any New York divorce attorney will tell you divorce season runs from January through March. This happens every year and there are several factors that play into this pattern. A common misconception is that if you seek assistance from a divorce attorney in NYC it is because you just came to the decision to separate not too long ago. 

This is not the case, however, as most couples who do seek a New York divorce attorney in January made the decision to separate prior to the holiday season beginning. They choose to hold off on taking action so as to not ruin the holidays for their children and other loved ones.

A divorce attorney in NYC explains that the additional stress caused by the holidays exacerbates issues that were already present. This can push the couple to their breaking points and make them realize the underlying issues that were present causing them to need a New York divorce attorney. 

A Fresh Start

The new year means a new beginning. Which means many people will take this time to reflect and make resolutions. 

Some unhappy couples decide that in the new year they will seek counseling or other marital help. For other couples, they reach the decision to seek help from a divorce attorney in NYC to solve their problems.

This has been a long time coming and there are no other options. One other reason couples choose the beginning of the year to file for divorce is to avoid having to file joint tax returns. Each couple is different and their financial circumstances may be the reasoning behind the timing of their divorce. A new financial start is on the horizon. 

Set Boundaries

Once you have reached the decision to divorce it is time to set some boundaries. Set healthy boundaries that are dependent on your individual circumstances. You will more than likely be living together for some time and you will need to draw the line between married couples and divorcing spouses. Some couples may fall back into their routine and become complacent. This can lead to more unhappiness and a delay in divorce. This may require a lot of self-reflection and is not easy to do. After all, you have spent many years of your life with this person so breaking old routines is difficult.

Get Help From a New York Divorce Attorney

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