Top Co-Parenting Apps for Divorced Parents

Parenting is challenging enough on its own, but trying to do it in the midst of a divorce is another beast altogether. Learning how to juggle co-parenting responsibilities while dealing with the turmoil of a divorce can cause a lot of uncertainty and stress for the parents and children.
Thankfully, co-parenting has gone high tech. Co-Parenting apps are abundant, all claiming to make learning how to co-parent easier. These are the top 4 co-parenting apps on the market:

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is one of the most popular co-parenting apps on the market, and for good reason. The app can be used by parents, third parties, legal professionals, and judges. Our Family Wizard features shared calendars, journals, expense logs, and message boards. The app also includes an information bank to help keep important contacts organized and readily accessible.
Cost: Free to download, and $99 per year, per user
Platform: iOS, Android, and Web

Custody Junction differs slightly from other options on this list, since it is a web-only service. However, the lack of mobile apps doesn’t mean that this service doesn’t pack a punch.  Custody Junction helps to facilitate child custody agreements by providing a platform for parents to make schedules, track events, and create parenting reports. By having all relevant information and date easily organized, each parent (and their attorneys) can gain a better understanding of what custody arrangement will work best for their family.
Cost: Free 30 day trial, and then $47 for a one year subscription
Platform: Web

Talking Parents

The Talking Parents website is deal for high conflict co-parents, or those who are involved in domestic violence situations. Talking Parents keeps all contact information confidential, making communication and contact outside of the website impossible. (This is great if you have an Order of Protection!). What sets Talking Parents apart from other co-parenting apps is the option to download, or purchase, certified copies of all communications between users. These reports can be used in court during custody negotiations, as well as enforcement or modification petitions.
Cost: Free to use. Pay $3.99 per download, or $4.99 per month
Platform: Web

2 Houses

2Houses is loaded with features to help make co-parenting easier. From shared calendars, photo albums, information banks, and financial reports, the program provides the first steps in creating an effective co-parenting strategy. 2Houses is geared more towards exes who get along, but can be helpful in more contested matters.
Cost: 14 day free trial, then $9.99 per month
Platform: iOS, Android, Web

Why are Co-Parenting Apps Important?

Feuding spouses can have a difficult time communicating, which makes co-parenting impossible. Co-parenting apps can help to break tension, clear up misunderstandings, and foster a conflict free communication strategy. In fact, apps are a critical component of parallel parenting.
Co-parenting apps are helpful tools for exes who get along, too. Life can be hectic, and these apps provide a platform for busy parents to keep the other up to date on appointments, extra-curricular activities, vacations, etc. A key to successful co-parenting is organization and communication, which are both prominently represented in co-parenting apps.

Which Co-Parenting App is Right for You?

These platforms all boast helpful resources for parents who are going through a divorce, or who are recently divorced. At Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., we encourage all of our clients to put the needs of their children first. We understand that not everyone is capable of parenting with their ex-spouse. Learning how to co-parent effectively is tough, but these top co-parenting apps make the process easier.

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