Divorce In Nassau County

If you are in Nassau County and you are going through a divorce, you probably have some questions about the process, and how divorces in Nassau County work. That is a smart move. You want to have a complete understanding of what to do to achieve the best possible outcome.
That’s where Brian D. Perskin & Associates becomes your Nassau County divorce resource. We’re New York’s premier divorce law firm and have decades of experience. We understand what it takes to win your divorce battle and we fight to get you what you deserve.
Learn more about the details of divorces in Nassau County today. We’ll discuss things like the median income and demographics, home values, occupations, tips for asset protection, and more. Let’s get started.

Income and Demographics in Nassau County

Nassau County is an affluent county in New York. It’s one of the highest income counties in the United States, is the most affluent in the state of New York. The median income for a family in 2010 was $81,246, which is well above the median family income of about $59,000 nationwide.
Real estate is very expensive in Nassau County, which is not surprising given the county’s proximity to New York City. The median value of a home in Nassau County is over $523,000, and has risen more than 6% in the last year alone. This is over 250% higher than the average cost of a home in the rest of the United States, which was around $188,000 as of 2014.
All of this begs the question – what happens to these assets during divorces in Nassau County?

Protecting Assets in Nassau County

Nassau County doesn’t have any special policies or laws in place to protect assets during a divorce. That being said, divorces are complex legal dances that involve many moving pieces and factors. You’re going to want to consult with an experienced lawyer to develop a comprehensive asset protection plan. If your current divorce attorney doesn’t offer you this level of service, you may want to consider switching attorneys during your Nassau County divorce. This is especially true given the high value of real estate and other property in Nassau County and metropolitan New York in general.

Nassau County Divorce Rates & Statistics

Statistically speaking, Nassau County has a much lower rate of divorce than other counties in New York. According to statistics from HG Legal Resources, Long Island and Nassau County have one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation.
This can be chalked up to New York’s difficult divorce laws. New York only has a divorce rate of 2.8 out of 1000, which is much lower than the national average. In Oklahoma, for example, divorce rates are 4.4 out of 1000. This is a massive increase when compared to New York City.

Hire a Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

Brian D. Perskin & Associates specializes in divorce in Nassau County, and elsewhere in New York City. If you are going through a divorce, you need professional, expert representation. Without an aggressive attorney, you risk losing visitation, assets, and more.
Divorces In Nassau County
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