The Positive Side to Divorce (Yes, it Really Can be a Good Thing!)

Listen, we know that divorce sucks. Sure, some days will be easier than others, but divorce does have its difficulties. You will be stressed, hurt, and feel worn down. This is completely normal, and it won’t last forever. Believe it or not, there is a positive side to divorce, and it can actually be a good thing!

You’ll be Happier & Healthier

It comes as no surprise that an unhealthy or abusive marriage has a negative impact on your self-esteem and physical health. Ridding yourself of the negativity and stress of a strained marriage, or abusive spouse, has a profound impact on your health. You’ll be happier, and have the chance to get comfortable in your own skin again. The difficult journey of your divorce will help you think more positively, and see the beauty of every day.

Positive Side to Divorce for Kids

There is this myth floating around that parents should stay together for their kids. Simply put, that just isn’t true. Countless studies show that children will actually benefit from their parent’s divorce, especially if the marriage is strained.
Your kids will view your marriage as a model for what a successful relationship should look like, and they will carry these ideas into adulthood. Your children will learn to normalize unhealthy behavior and repeat their patterns as they get older. The threat of long-term negative effects will lessen with divorce, thus, allowing your kids to see what a positive relationship looks like.

You’ll Have Better Relationships

Getting a divorce doesn’t mean you have failed. It means that you were smart enough to notice that your marriage wasn’t working out, and that you were brave enough to do something about it. Life is full of learning opportunities, and this includes your marriage.
Finally, enduring the struggles of a strained marriage, as well as the difficulties of divorce, will help you reevaluate what you want in a partner. You don’t need to jump into a new relationship once your divorce is granted- take time to really seek out the qualities you deserve.

Financial Benefit to Divorce

One often overlooked positive side to divorce involves your finances. (And no, we aren’t talking about any alimony payments!) Believe it or not, there are many financial benefits to divorce.
Divorce forces you to take a good, hard look at your finances and assets. You will need to evaluate your bank accounts, make an inventory of assets and liabilities, and create a new budget. Doing all of this work helps you have a better grasp of your finances, and can help you properly prepare for the future.

Hire a Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

There is a positive side to divorce, but the experience does have it downfalls. The best way to make sure that you are navigate your case successfully is to hire an experienced divorce attorney. The family law firm of Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. specializes in divorce actions, and are experts in the field.
For more information on divorce in New York, or to schedule your free consultation, call us at 718-875-7584 today!

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