How Mediation Can Make Life Easier for All Parties Involved

Divorce mediation has become a popular alternative to litigation in the business and personal worlds. Many divorcing couples are utilizing mediation to resolve their issues during divorce, so they do not have to appear before a judge in family court. Moreover, divorce mediation can make life easier for everyone involved in a divorce, including your children. Today, we will explore how mediation can help you avoid litigation in New York.
divorce mediation

Divorce Mediation Is Informal

One of the most significant benefits of using mediation is that it is informal, which can relieve a lot of the stress and anxiety associated with going through a divorce. You are not appearing in front of a judge. Instead, you are sitting in a room with your mediation attorney, your spouse, and your spouse’s attorney. The other person in the room will be the mediator. The mediator will make the meetings as relaxed as possible so both of you can work toward a common goal.

You Control the Discussion

Both spouses control the discussion when attending mediation. The mediator is only present to help move the dialogue along appropriately. Then, the mediator will not decide for you regarding the divorce agreement or division of assets. The mediator will not provide advice to either party involved. The spouses have total control over the outcome of the mediation with the help of their mediation lawyer.

divorce mediation lawyerMediation Is Confidential

Mediation is confidential, unlike litigation. If you want to keep your divorce agreement private, mediation is the best option. For this reason alone, many couples make sure they come to an agreement using mediation, so their private lives don’t become public. A divorce mediation lawyer will explain that your divorce agreement will not become public when resolving a divorce through mediation.

Divorce Mediation Decisions Are Valid

Another benefit of choosing mediation over litigation to resolve your divorce is that the decisions made in mediation are valid. Couples don’t have to go through mediation only to appear in front of a family law judge. Once you and your spouse agree on all of the crucial issues of a divorce, you will sign the agreement and wait for approval. As long as you both resolve everything, the agreement you come to in mediation is legally binding. You will not require a court to validate the arrangement.

Craft Resolutions Yourself

Mediation allows both parties to craft custom resolutions themselves, instead of hoping for a judge to side with them. In mediation, you have control over the situation, at least more so than in litigation where a judge makes the final decisions for the couple.

Hire a Brooklyn Divorce Attorney

If you are facing a divorce, and you don’t want to go through the immense public stress of traditional litigation, then mediation could be a suitable solution for you. You need to hire an experienced and professional divorce attorney to guide you through the mediation process and help you negotiate a favorable agreement regarding assets and child custody. Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. has an expert team of attorneys that are knowledgeable in divorce law and mediation. We will use our skills and resources to help you get the outcome you deserve. Call us today at 877-826-7257 to schedule a free consultation.

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